Puppy Love Hand Stripping Course

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In this puppy hand stripping course Grazia “Grace” Adriani demos how to give an 11-week-old Lakeland Terrier puppy its first hand strip. Grace teaches essential knowledge and practical techniques to ensure a positive and successful grooming experience for you and the puppy including introducing the puppy to the grooming table, teaching proper handling techniques to ensure the puppy’s safety and comfort during the grooming process, and familiarizing them with the grooming loop and tools. By establishing a calm and comfortable environment Grace shows how you can train and gain the trust of the puppy, setting the stage for successful grooming throughout its lifetime.

Learn when to start and stop pulling, gain insight into the timeline for the development of the wire hair after the first pull, how often you should be pulling, how to handle objections from the puppy, how to read a puppy’s body language, respond to signs of discomfort, and adapt the grooming approach accordingly. Grace also explains why you should never use scissors or clippers on a hand stripped puppy’s coat. Additionally, Grace shows an example of a puppy’s coat one week after the initial pull, providing you with insights into what to expect as new coat grows in and areas should be focused on during subsequent grooming sessions. 

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Grazia “Grace” Adriani is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer with NDGAA, and a certified groomer with IPG. She graduated from Merryfield School of Pet Grooming in 2015 where she also taught as an instructor for several years. She is a CFMG and graduated from the National Cat Groomers Institute in 2014.

Grace apprenticed under the renowned Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich and Michael Lamb. Wanting to learn more, she worked with Teraz Kennels polishing her skills and expertise on hand stripping, specifically Lakeland Terriers. Once she experienced dog shows, she was hooked. She has shown and finished several dogs, including her very own champions CH Teraz Bringing Sexy Back (Justin) and CH Teraz Gotta Have It (Velociraptor). She currently breeds Kerry Blue Terriers and Lakeland Terriers.

Grace enjoys competitive grooming and is an active Open Level competitor. She has won multiple placements, including Best Groomed Dog, Best All Around Groomer, and multiple Best in Show wins with her Lakeland Terriers Dunkin, Deuce, and Oscar. In 2019 and 2020 she was nominated for Barkleigh Honors Up and Coming Groomer/Competitor of the Year and won the title in 2020. Grace was also part of the Zolitta team that won the Groom Bowl Amateur Championship at Atlanta Pet Fair in 2021 and was awarded with the 2021 Peggy Harris Kindness Award at the Fun In The Sun Grooming Show.

In 2022, Grace was ranked #4 groomer in the National General Ranking and has been ranked #1 in the Handstripping specialty in 2022 and 2023. She is a member of GroomTeam USA and is also a member of GroomTeam USA’s Travel Team that will be representing the USA at the World Team Grooming Competition in Belgium in September 2024. Grace is also a member of the Artero Professional Grooming Team since 2022.

Currently, Grace owns a well respected salon in Miami Beach, the Miami Beach Pet Spa. When she is not traveling for grooming competitions that is where she grooms, teaches and mentors. She is owned by her Standard Poodle Penelope, her Kerry Blue Terrier Kona, and her Lakie Velociraptor.

6 reviews for Puppy Love Hand Stripping Course

  1. Sophia Arciniegas avatar


    I learned a lot, there’s good tips and techniques for doing it easier 🥰

  2. Kaitlen Newton

    This has helped me immensely in my continuing education. I’ve recently gotten a mini schnauzer of my own and can now get started on stripping her. I’ll also be able to use this for my clients in the future.

  3. Haley Defeo

    Wildly helpful, it’s so hard to find content about puppy stripping and actually seeing it done on a little more rowdy personality was amazing!

  4. Alexis Cruz

    Great course

  5. Melissa Frost

    Great instructions and demonstrations.

  6. Karolina Grembecka

    Great course on how to train puppies to tolerate stripping! I learned a lot on how to handle puppies and also a few things I didn’t already know about stripping! And those puppies were the cutest 😍😍

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