All Access Group Membership

Are you a salon or franchise owner looking to give your groomers or managers access to continued education? Sign up for our group membership and get a discounted per-member rate for individual access to the full Groom Haüs library of dog grooming courses, monthly live dog grooming webinars, dog grooming tutorials, business tools specifically for dog groomers, exclusive affiliate discounts, and more!

Enjoy learning from some of the top dog grooming instructors and best quality production in the industry. With new live dog grooming webinars, courses, and tutorials being added each month there is always something new and exciting for you and your staff to learn! Sign up for 3 or more accounts at a discounted rate per member. Cancel your subscription anytime.

Group Rates vs. Regular Membership Cost

# of MembersMonthly Per Member% Discount
3-10$3014% off
11-20$2820% off
21-30$2625% off

$26.00$30.00 / month


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