Down to the Wire Dog Grooming Webinar

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Hand stripping and terrier specialist Manessa Donovan NCMG teaches you all of her hand stripping tips and tricks! From proper form and technique to the tools and products to use to get the best results, this is a great opportunity to learn or refine your hand stripping skills. Manessa demos on two Wire Fox Terriers in this webinar – one pet trim and one show trim, but the hand stripping techniques she will be teaching can be utilized on any dog that requires hand stripping.

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Manessa Donovan NCMG is an award-winning competitive groomer, instructor, and hand stripping specialist. In 2010, Manessa graduated from the Florida Institute of Animal Arts in Orlando and became a National Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Grooming Association of America (NDGAA) in 2013.

She has also worked as an instructor at ITA Grooming School until its closing in 2015.  As an open level competitor, Manessa has won multiple awards including Best Groomed Dog in 2019. She has studied the art of hand stripping under some of the top professionals in the industry including Irina Pinkusevich, Lisa Leady, and the late Julie Ostoski, and now specializes in terriers and hand stripping.

Not only does Manessa work alongside rescue groups, she is also involved with the AKC and has championed her own wire fox terrier. She is certified in AKC salon safety, as well as pet CPR and first aid. Since 2017, she has been working with Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming in the Villages and was also Director of Education at Woof Gang Academy of Grooming and its sister school Pets Playground.

8 reviews for Down to the Wire Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Zac Gagnon avatar

    Sonia Colon

    Inspired by this great webinar to put fear to the side and start stripping. I had a preconceived notion that stripping was tough for a dog to handle. Manessa shows us how the dog is really relaxed and doesn’t mind when stripping is done the right way. By using the right techniques and tools you can have your wire coat dog look beautiful. Looking forward to her next webinar.

  2. Sarah Doyle

    The webinar was great, really gave me good advice and ideas on techniques to use with my WFT. Manessa has great energy with the dogs and gave me confidence as I am new to hand stripping so I’d definitely recommend this webinar.

  3. Laura

    I learned so much about how to care for my WFT. Thank you Manessa! I feel like I can finally do this.

  4. Amy

    Loved this webinar. Owning a wire fox myself it’s always nice to keep on learning new tips and tricks

  5. Landenberg Kennel

    Manessa is thorough in her presentation, ensuring that all questions are answered. I would attend more of her webinars/seminars.

  6. Victoria Clark

    Excellent webinar, thank you ☺️

  7. Janis Robertson

    I was nice to see different ways people can groom their dog. And I learned the proper way to card.

  8. Meridee

    I loved this webinar with Manessa. She is an excellent groomer. Easy to understand and I love having the video to see when I need it.

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