Different Strokes Hand Strip Bootcamp

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Learn from an amazing groomer & handler how to take your hand stripping skills to the next level. Michell Evans – The Grooming Tutor takes you through a hand strip bootcamp starting out with a review of prepping and chalking, tools, proper form, and where to start and then doing demos on 4 different hand strip coats! This is a knowledge-filled multi-part course on the dog grooming craft of hand stripping from a master in this dying art. Michell gives tons of tips and tricks to help you speed up your hand stripping, avoid injury, and improve your technique.

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What you can look forward to in this course:

  • Mixing and applying chalk
  • What to use to prep for chalking
  • Types of stripping & carding tools and what they are good for
  • When to use a rake
  • Tips on protecting your hands and proper form to protect your body
  • Best types of brushes to use and other tools
  • Proper hide manipulation
  • How and where to start stripping on the dog
  • How to know if you are cutting hair vs. stripping hair

Part 1 – Lakeland Terrier (Broken Coat):

  • Flatwork and manipulating the hide in awkward places
  • Dealing with cowlicks
  • How to starting rolling the coat and what that means
  • Tips and techniques on hand stripping sensitive areas
  • Proper stance and alignment of your body and arm/wrist
  • Tail stripping and manipulation
  • How hormones effect the coat
  • Mucking, top trimming, and mottling
  • Corrective stripping
  • Rolling vs. Staging a coat
  • Tweezing technique for precision
  • How to handle blending holes
  • Carding to blend and shape
  • How to know when you are done stripping
  • Setting the neck and topline
  • Blending and shaping the leg furnishings and feet
  • Defining and shaping the ears and head
  • Chalking for color correction

Part 2 – Miniature Schnauzer (Forced Coat):

  • Applying cholesterol as a chalk base
  • Chalking, blending, and shaping the legs and underline
  • Trimming, shaping, and symmetry of eyebrows
  • What areas can be shaved/clippered
  • Placement and raking of the beard

Part 3 – Scottie (Double Coat)

  • Blending of the jacket into the skirt
  • Carding to help shape, accentuate, and blend
  • Filling in an uneven topline with undercoat
  • Thumb positioning and how it effects stripping depth
  • Shaping & setting of the tail, rear angulation, legs, and feet
  • When/when not to shave a sanitary on a hand stripped dog
  • Ways to make a long bodied Scottie look shorter
  • Where to shave/clipper on a Scottie’s head and neck and how to blend the transitions
  • Shaping & setting Scottie eyebrows, ear tufts, and “beard”

Part 4 – Australian Terrier (Slow Growing Coat)

  • When and what to bathe and what type of products to use
  • Blending and shaping the legs and feet
  • Mottling and how to blend it out
  • Working flatwork to define the rough/bib
  • Stripping ears, cheeks, chin, and around the eye properly
  • Setting, shaping, and styling the topknot and chest/bib
  • Using cholesterol as a styling and smoothing agent


Michell Evans – The Grooming Tutor has been educating groomers since 2000. She has won Best in Show and Best All Around Stylist multiple times and is a respected grooming competition judge and demonstrator at trade shows all over the world. She has also graced the cover of Groomer to Groomer Magazine four times.

Michell is a Certified Master Dog & Cat Groomer and has professionally groomed and handled many different breeds of dogs for American, Australia, and Canadian Kennel Club dog shows. She is the proud recipient of the Barkleigh Honors Competitive Groomer of the Year, the Up & Coming Judge of the Year, the Contribution to the Industry award, and has been the winner of the Barkleigh Honors award for Journalist of the Year multiple times for her “Ask The Grooming Tutor” column. Michell also hosts a podcast, The Grooming Tutor, which has listeners from all over the world!

As a GroomTeam USA member from 2009-2013, she was the hand stripping member of the 2011 Silver Medal winning team as well as the 2013 Gold Medal winning team. Michell officially retired from grooming competitions after the gold medal win. You can find her educational videos, content, links to the podcast, and information about business consultations on her website groomingtutor.com.

3 reviews for Different Strokes Hand Strip Bootcamp

  1. April Conway avatar

    April Conway

    Only watched the australian terrier section so far but it was very informative and I feel much better prepared to groom the one I have on my books this week.

  2. Karolina Grembecka

    Soooo much info!! Great webinar for beginners and more advanced hand strippers as well!! Michelle is a great teacher and explains everything so well!! I enjoyed the whole webinar and appreciated that there were 4 different breeds groomed.

  3. Marci Montgomery

    I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from this detailed course in hand stripping. It is a privilege to watch and learn from someone who not only has achieved the highest levels in this art form/coat & skin care field, but also is a warm, friendly and accomplished teacher. A big thank you to Michelle Evans for her demo & lectures, and to the organization for putting on and recording this seminar for members.

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