Pet Portie Dog Grooming Course

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Learn a modified pet Portuguese Water Dog Retriever trim in this Salon Series exclusive with Manessa Donovan. Discover how to achieve a clean and tidy look that captures the essence of the Portie breed without looking too much like a Doodle, perfect for the everyday pet! Manessa shares her pet grooming tips and tricks that you can apply to many other breeds and even tailors it all for this senior pup’s needs.








Manessa Donovan NCMG is an award-winning competitive groomer, instructor, and hand stripping specialist. In 2010, Manessa graduated from the Florida Institute of Animal Arts in Orlando and became a National Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Grooming Association of America (NDGAA) in 2013.

She has also worked as an instructor at ITA Grooming School until its closing in 2015.  As an open level competitor, Manessa has won multiple awards including Best Groomed Dog in 2019. She has studied the art of hand stripping under some of the top professionals in the industry including Irina Pinkusevich, Lisa Leady, and the late Julie Ostoski, and now specializes in terriers and hand stripping.

Not only does Manessa work alongside rescue groups, she is also involved with the AKC and has championed her own wire fox terrier. She is certified in AKC salon safety, as well as pet CPR and first aid. Since 2017, she has been working with Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming in the Villages and was also Director of Education at Woof Gang Academy of Grooming and its sister school Pets Playground.

7 reviews for Pet Portie Dog Grooming Course

  1. Sady Muro avatar

    Sady Muro

    Great job.
    I finally found video to learn how to do their head..
    Watch the video it is so much better and easier than learn from the book.
    Thank you 🐾

  2. Ree Santos

    incredibly useful and easy to understand. thanks a lot!!

  3. Alexis Cruz

    Great 👍

  4. Isabel Nobre

    Good tips. Specially on the ears.

  5. Clarissa Duran

    Beautiful work! Love learning faster ways to get the job done right! Look forward to putting that tail set on my dog now, Thank you!! 5 stars!

  6. Andreonna Sanchez

    Great and easy to understand info.

  7. Helen Hopkins

    Great info

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