Asian Fusion Schnauzer Grooming Course

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Learn an adorable Asian Fusion Schnauzer Trim on this exclusive Salon Series course with Arisa Thomas. She gives all her tips and tricks for creating a clean finish with shorter body and longer legs and a super cute teddy bear face that is a great option for your everyday pet Schnauzer!






Los Angeles-based dog groomer and social media influencer, Arisa Thomas is the go-to styling expert for turning dogs into cute and cuddly bears. 

She started her grooming career in 2010 in hopes of following in her mother’s footsteps. Together they opened Blue Pooch, along with her sister. The women-powered trio quickly became popular for their Japanese-inspired pet trims. With a following of well over 300k followers on TikTok and Instagram, Arisa is making her mark as a “modern day” dog groomer by inspiring, entertaining, and educating dog groomers, pet parents, and pet-obsessed fans!

17 reviews for Asian Fusion Schnauzer Grooming Course

  1. Ksenija Matić avatar

    Ksenija Matić

    Very detailed explanation. Thanks a lot

  2. Jesse Fuentes

    Arisa gave some great tips. I especially liked the one using the nose tip as a guide for balance. I can’t wait to use that.

  3. Alexis Cruz

    I love her I follow her on tiktok

  4. Karla Gonzalez

    <3 I learned so much from this course. Thank you, Arisa!

  5. Sharlene Rosario

    Love how she work the dog, felt like a normal day at the office 🤣 And step by step detailed explanation.

  6. Pedram Nasirzade

    Awesome, smooth and understandable. Thanks

  7. Cristiane Lopes

    Step by step of a real life! I enjoyed and learned a lot from Arisa.

  8. Patricia Jensen

    Very detailed and informative. I learned so many great techniques from this video. Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you!!

  9. Diana Chudlia

    Love it! Thank you a lot!

  10. Jessica Cox

    She was great I loved how she handled him as well as explaining what she was doing

  11. jessica hernandez


  12. Shaunnie Swanston

    Best explanation of the Asian fusion round muzzle ever!!!

  13. Thais Nunez

    10/10 Thank you arisa I love your teaching techniques you made it easy to follow along

  14. Amy Gala

    So cute thank you! I learned a lot!!

  15. Tera Howell

    Awesome course! This is my first video through Groom Haus.

  16. Karolina Grembecka


  17. Dia Carter

    I love the reality of the shop setting. Arisa is engaging and well spoken on every reason as to why she is intentionally leaving or using a technique. Thank you I will be using these new skills on my Asian fusion client.

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