Damned If You Doodle Dog Grooming Webinar

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Grooming Doodles is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get! With a mixed breed like this, you can expect anything from a thick curly coat like a Poodle to a drop coat like a Golden Retriever and anything in between including completely patch-worked coats of both curly and drop coat! With an endless amount of -oodles out there, there are also an endless amount of ways to style them. On this Doodle course Elizabeth Gibbs NCMG demos an adorable and functional Doodle trim on a thick wavy coated Doodle and gives you all her Doodle grooming tips and tricks.

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Elizabeth Gibbs is a National Certified Master Groomer and has been in the grooming industry for over 12 years. She began competing in 2017 was nominated for Barkleigh Honors “Up and Coming Groomer of the Year” just a year later. In 2020, she was also nominated for “Educational Video of the Year” as well as “Up and Coming Speaker of the Year.”

She won best in show on Jess Rona’s HBO MAX show “Haute Dog” with her poodle, Sebastian and has accomplished her goal of becoming a member of Groom Team USA after finishing 6th in the country. In her spare time she enjoys showing her Bichon and English Cocker in the AKC show ring, teaching groomers new tips and tricks, and spending time with her dog crew.

28 reviews for Damned If You Doodle Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Sue O'Brien avatar


    Another great course; this instructor was so helpful with giving information

  2. sarah.simon

    Love your calm demeanor! Can’t wait to use these tips tomorrow. I have three doodles on my schedule!

  3. Lauren Pixtun

    Can’t wait to use this on Friday! 💕

  4. Angel Karch

    I enjoyed this so much! Elizabeth is a great teacher and I learned new tips for doodles!

  5. Kailin Carr

    Excellent webinar and blueprint for doodles. Clarified a lot of issues that I have personally been having with my clips!

  6. Carolyn Evans

    Amazing tips, can’t wait to try them out!

  7. Kylie Bannon

    Excellent explanation i look forward to using these techniques! Thank you!

  8. Karolina Pielichowska

    I loved it. Super helpful with lots of practical tips. Definitely makes doing doodles easier. Thank you!

  9. Heather Wolfe

    Great information.

  10. Luca Lark

    Fantastic tips!

  11. Savannah Penning

    For someone who is intimidated by working on doodles, this video helped alot. The amount of detail helped me to better understand certain things. Thank you!

  12. Kari Borg Hommerstad

    Very informative and easy to follow. Picked up some really good tips

  13. Christina Geistkämper

    Really great, good explanations, great advice, like her way of explaining as well as Handling the dog.

  14. monae route

    Very informative and had some great tips! The way Elizabeth explained everything and broke it down was perfect.

  15. Lisa Sarter

    i enjoyed this webinar. Very detailed cant wait to use what I learned on my doodle clients. Elizabeth made it so easy to follow.

  16. Madelyn Jones

    I learned a lot from Elizabeth! This was awesome, and the dog looked amazing!

  17. maribel hayden

    I loved it! Elizabeth did an amazing job of explaining and detailing so much of what to look for and how to do it. Can’t wait to get my hands on my next doodle.

  18. Nikkey Marsden

    Really great tips!

  19. Rachel Rodriguez

    This was an amazing course! I truly enjoyed every bit of Elizabeth’s doodle seminar!

  20. Jan Reagan

    Elizabeth is excellent-loved her presentation! Hopefully I can put into practice a lot of the tips and techniques that she shared..

  21. Helen Kay

    I love Doodles, they allow for some creative style, and there really does not seem to be hard-fast rules. You truly provided great points and guide lines, thank you!

  22. Sara Mock-Mason

    This is a great webinar. It is informative and easy to follow. The sound and video quality are great!

  23. Angela Strickland

    This was an amazing web course. Lots of helpful tips and tricks. I like that the products are mentioned. I loved it so much I watched a few times incase I missed anything.

  24. Susanne Carlsson

    I very much enjoyed this webinar, very educated and valuable tips that I’m going to use in my grooming

  25. Leanne O’Brien

    Very educational video on how to apply concepts such as angulation to our everyday doodle grooms. Gibbs is both entertaining and very informative. I’ve already seen some improvement in my grooms with this webinar in mind.

  26. Devin Palmer

    Using the her knowledge of the anatomy of the dog to explain and use as reference point of where the shave and blend was amazing. Elizabeth was so skilled and knowledgeable on doodles! I’ve recommended this seminar to everyone in my salon(we get about 10-15 doodles a day)!

  27. Kathy Awalt

    I throughly enjoyed this webinar. Elizabeth breaks it down and makes it doable. I’ve already been able to adjust my doodle grooms and clients are noticing and referrals are coming. Acquired 5 new doodle clients this week!

  28. Sharon Turner

    Really good and informative
    Great presentation with some fabulous tips
    Really enjoyed it

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