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Having good grooming tools and products is important. Knowing how to use them properly is imperative. Join Lis Johnston and Nick Sklar as they teach all about grooming tools and products, when and how to use them, and on what coat types.

Lis and Nick will be breaking down proper tool usage, explaining how to pinpoint the ideal moments to employ them, and helping you to understand their application on various coat types. They will also address common tool issues, offering insights into clipper and shear troubleshooting to empower you with the know-how to diagnose and resolve tool malfunctions. Moreover, they’ll provide invaluable advice on when and how to leverage specific products that streamline the grooming process and deliver impeccable results. Prepare to have your questions answered in real-time as this interactive webinar promises to be an enlightening journey for all levels of dog groomers.

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Lis Johnston boasts a remarkable journey in the world of dog grooming and showing that spans nearly two decades. Her passion for this art began in 2004, and by the tender age of 12, she was already showcasing her talent in dog shows. Since her official debut in 2012, Lis has continually risen through the ranks, securing her place as one of the Top 10 GroomTeam USA competitive groomers.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Lis holds the prestigious title of a Nationally Certified Master Groomer. Her skills have garnered international recognition, earning her awards and accolades as a Stylist of the highest caliber. Beyond her own accomplishments, Lis generously shares her knowledge through seminars held across the nation.

In 2014, Lis realized a lifelong dream by opening Serenity Pet Spa, a grooming salon known for its exceptional care and attention to detail. The spa’s success was undeniable, prompting Lis to expand her business with the opening of a second location in 2017.

Lis’s passion for the art of grooming extends to the challenge of hand scissoring large breeds, with a particular affinity for breeds like Standard Poodles, Black Russian Terriers, and Irish Water Spaniels. Her dedication to perfecting her craft shines through in every groomed coat.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Lis finds joy in her commitment to showing and breeding Collies. It’s a testament to her unwavering love for dogs and her deep-rooted connection to the world of canine companionship.


Nick Sklar is a seasoned professional with a deep-rooted passion for grooming tools and the art of sharpening. Raised amidst the whirling sharpening wheel, he has acquired over two decades of hands-on experience in the realm of grooming equipment and its dedicated users. Nick’s expertise lies in meticulous equipment selection and the art of nurturing their longevity.

As the General Manager of Sales and Operations at Whitman’s Sharpening for just about a decade, Nick engaged in comprehensive research collaborations with renowned scissor companies, cementing his reputation as a go-to expert in the field. Notably, he has played a pivotal role in product design for esteemed brands like Chris Christensen and Whitman’s products, contributing to their success through his invaluable insights and assistance.

10 reviews for Know Your Stuff Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Mayra Grajales avatar

    Mayra Grajales

    This really compliments the Preptember courses so you do not end up buying the wrong tool,

  2. Chatchada Atsavapetchkoon avatar

    Chatchada Atsavapetchkoon

    must watch! I’ve learnt a lot. Thank you!

  3. Carla Janssen avatar

    Carla Janssen

    It’s in the small things. very clarifying

  4.  avatar

    Clarissa Duran

    Must watch! Thank you so much Lis and Nick! I would LOVE a part two! Learned tons, I had no idea the lever on the clippers needed to be changed and that’s why you get those lines. Really appreciate you guys, come back again!

  5. BRANDY MULLINS avatar


    I have been grooming mainly in a cooperate setting and this is the stuff that they don’t teach you. I’ve learned so much and I’ve filled up a cart with things that I need to buy (much to my husband’s dismay) to step up my grooming game. We definitely need a part 2.

  6. Meaghan Newey avatar

    Meaghan Newey

    Great content, would love a part two for double coats and will definitely be checking out Nicks other video on scissors! Also loved the difference in carding vs. stripping and flat vs. curved slickers!

  7. Alexa Munroe avatar

    Alexa Munroe

    Perfect basic starter video!

  8. Kathy Awalt avatar

    Kathy Awalt

    A wealth of information. My ah ha moment was the flat back brush tip. Holy cow have put that to work and amazing!

  9. Christine Chiu avatar

    Christine Chiu

    This video was super informative. I love how it covered so much and the demonstrations at the end. I especially like the part about carding and stripping.

  10. Mirta Persen avatar

    Mirta Persen

    Amazing course!
    As a baby groomer today I’ve learned a lot. We want part two! (:

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