Clean Clippering Dog Grooming Webinar

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Do you have trouble getting a clean finish when clippering dogs or just want to improve your clippering skills? In this mini webinar, Irina Pinkusevich goes over everything you need to know to get a clean clippering finish while demoing a modified pet Kerry Blue trim. Kiss those clipper lines goodbye!

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  • Multiple camera angles & Close-ups
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Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich realized her passion as a Pet Stylist while working part-time as a bather after immigrating from The Ukraine in 1989. In the earlier part of her career she worked as a Pet Stylist at some of the most high-end grooming salons in New York. Looking to improve her skills and expand her horizons, Pina entered the world of Competitive Grooming in 2006. She has since won countless awards including Best In Show, Best All Around Groomer, the Lynne Carver Award for the most Best All Around Groomer wins (twice), and the Liz Paul Memorial Award for the most Best in Show wins. She also won the Winner’s Circle Jackpot 2011, The World Dog Show’s World Champion Award, among others. Pina was a member of GroomTeam USA from 2008 through 2013 and competed in the World Championships for the United States in 2009, 2011, and 2013 helping the U.S. team bring home a Silver & two Golds.

Along with being a world-renowned groomer, Pina is also a national & international judge, instructor, and speaker. She was awarded the Cardinal Crystal Award for Judge of the Year as well as the Barkleigh Honors Award for Up & Coming Speaker of the Year in 2014. Pina is a National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG) with the National Dog Groomers of America and is also a Certifier for their company.

Dedicated to improving the industry, Pina offers dog grooming education through private lessons in and around Ft. Lauderdale, FL and also travels the world to instruct at various in-person conferences and seminars as well as online webinars and is an integral part of Artero’s Jornadas events.

Pina is also associated with Kiyara Poodles, owned by Michael Lamb & Bill Jividen Jr. Kiyara is a top breeder of miniature poodles in the United States. She is also associated with Kerryfield Kennels, owned by Virginia Harding and Krizma Kennels owned by Lois Grier, top breeders of Kerry Blue Terriers. With these kennels, Irina has bred & co-owned numerous champion Poodles & Kerry Blue Terriers.

In 2021, she launched her company Niira to bring high quality affordable grooming tools to the industry.

5 reviews for Clean Clippering Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Kate Vakhliaeva avatar

    Kate Vakhliaeva (verified owner)

    Wonderfull! Very very usefull!!!! Thank’s a lot 🙂

  2. Kathy Awalt avatar

    Kathy Awalt (verified owner)

    I love these webinars and just soak it up like a sponge. When I groom I hear sara’s, Pinas and Johnathon voices coaching me. Really appreciate all of you and have so much respect ❤️

  3. Javier Ocasio avatar

    Javier Ocasio (verified owner)

    Worth more than the $10.
    I loved the no nonsense, practical way Pina explains.

  4. Bronte Almanza avatar

    Bronte Almanza (verified owner)

    Best 10 bucks I’ve ever spent. The video is straightforward, easy to understand. Love this instructor’s vibe. Clipper lines have been the bane of my existence and now I know why I struggle so much. I am so excited to take these techniques to the salon.

  5. Sharon Jenkins avatar

    Sharon Jenkins (verified owner)

    A great class in using clippers…Ii highly recommend.. As a beginner, imust say that all the classes I have watched have been outstanding and i have learnt so much……

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