Shear Confidence Dog Grooming Webinar

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Is your shear confidence low? Do you struggle standing up to clients about pricing or policies? Jessica Adorno is here to help! Watch and learn as she showcases her precise, quick scissor hands to help you understand proper shear holds and movements, how to properly utilize your shears, scissoring techniques to help you in your everyday grooms, and how to accomplish fluidity in your scissoring to help you level up your shear confidence! She also teaches how to gain confidence dealing with clients including tips and tricks to help you deal with pricing increases, getting your clients on a schedule, staying firm on late cancellation or late pickup fees, as well as firing clients through live role plays with “special guests” to act out these difference scenarios and how to approach them with confidence.

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Jessica Adorno is the owner/founder of Pupparazzi Pets Mobile Pet Grooming. She has been involved in the grooming industry for 19 years with experience in salon and mobile pet grooming. Jessica was formally trained at NY Academy of Dog Grooming located in NYC, has continued her education throughout the years in breed standards, and has extensive knowledge in skin and coat conditions. Jessica is no stranger to this business and her work reflects just that. Her grooming style is a fusion of breed standards, trims, and techniques blended within everyday pet grooming.

Jessica has been dubbed within her industry as the “scissor queen” due to her precise and fluid scissoring technique. She is an international educator and speaker, appeared on HBO Max’s show ‘Haute Dog’ and has an existing national contract with Conair Pet demonstrating home grooming tools featured on the Target website. Her passion is to educate and elevate the everyday pet groomer which in turn helps pets all around the world have a fantastic grooming experience.

20 reviews for Shear Confidence Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Jill Smith avatar

    Jill Smith (verified owner)

    Amazing class! Jess and her team were so great to answer all of our questions! I learned so much and got a lot of recommendations! Thank you!

  2. Sarah Heckaman avatar

    Sarah Heckaman (verified owner)

    We enjoyed the seminar for the most part. However it was hard when the question started flowing and so many of them were the same question just worded differently. We would have liked to see less questions and maybe a few more different coat types to scissor. We really did like the scenarios about clients in the beginning. Jess is super funny but brought up some great points to think about with clients and pricing.

  3. Jeanine Rogers avatar

    Jeanine Rogers (verified owner)

    I loved it. Learned great technique.

  4. Sierra Zavala avatar

    Sierra (verified owner)

    Very educational and entertaining!

  5. Janet McGarva avatar

    Janet McGarva (verified owner)

    Great Webinar….First time I have ever had anyone go into that much detail about shears! I loved the maintenance tips, Jessica’s scissoring technique’s, proper way to insert thumb, etc. I was not taught this much detail about scissors in grooming school. Very worthwhile to watch and I will continue to follow Jessica. Many thanks for so much wonderful information. Video quality was excellent too!

  6. Nailin Baker avatar

    Nailin Baker (verified owner)

    Can’t wait for the next one

  7. Zaira Soriano avatar

    Zaira Soriano (verified owner)

    So good! Thank Jess! I learn so many things that I am using in the grooms now. And it has improved my scissoring and have more confidence now!

  8. Jonte Rideau avatar

    Jonte Rideau (verified owner)

    Jessica is the best!

  9. Cindy Torres avatar

    Cindy (verified owner)

    Loved the webinar very informative learned at lot of good techniques.

  10. Jessica McVay avatar

    Jessica McVay (verified owner)

    Jess is the best!! Lots of great information and many questions answered!!

  11. Kathy Awalt

    She is a treasure chest of wisdom. So down to earth and relate able. Wizard of scissors ???? Going to watch replay. Look forward to the next webinar

  12. Marshello Arnold avatar

    Marshello Arnold (verified owner)

    Jessica is definitely an asset to our industry. Somuch education in her webinar. And for us groomers that can’t travel this is what we need more of. Jess you rock.

  13. Lawson Candace avatar

    Candi (verified owner)

    Jess is amazing and really hoping she has more seminars. She really knows how to make it enjoyable when watching on screen and not in person.

  14. Kimberly Campoli avatar

    Kimberly Campoli (verified owner)

    Jess is a wonderful groomer and teacher. I learned more about scissoring, pricing, maintenance, and handling clients than I did in school. Jess holds your attention with her engaging and honest personality, and her instructions are detailed but easy to understand. The video quality was very good. Thank you. I hope Jess will do more webinars!!

  15. Jen Michelsen avatar

    Jen Michelsen (verified owner)

    Jess you are fantastic. I learned so much and absolutely love your videos. Thank you for putting time into teaching us and definitely needed some shear teaching.

  16. Teresa Bennett avatar

    Teresa Bennett (verified owner)

    Only just watch webinar with Jess , fantastic webinar enjoyed absolutely every minute , thank you Jess and everyone involved

  17. Brynn Haynes avatar

    Brynn (verified owner)

    Awesome and fun! Jess was super entertaining, engaging and really took the time to thoughtfully answer the questions being thrown at her. I’ve really enjoyed the webinars from groomhaus, but this one is definitely my favorite! Sooooo much useful information! I purchased the webinar for my team members too so it helps to keep them motivated and we can discuss different aspects at work too!

  18. Linda Rolley avatar

    Linda Rolley (verified owner)

    The webinar with Jess was so informing.She takes the time to completely answer the questions. Her personality holds everyone’s attention. I loved watching and learning from Jess. Thank You

  19. Cheryl Arendt avatar

    Cheryl Arendt (verified owner)

    OMG, Jess was fantastic. It was my first webinar ever and I learned so much. I’ve already used several of the tips and tricks regarding clients, scissor care, and scissoring. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. You are truly the best!

  20. Sharon Jenkins avatar

    Sharon Jenkins (verified owner)

    Jess is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and clear with instruction, i came away feeling more confident wth my journey into buying equipment and i now have the video to continue to watch as i practice the correct way to hold and use my shears…its another great video to have in my learning file…Highly recommend for anyone starting out and anyone who wants a reminder of technique..

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