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Gain a deeper understanding of your grooming tools from a tool master. Learn how to choose the right tools for you and how to properly maintain them to help you become a better groomer and save you time and money by keeping your tools working at their best and extending their life at the same time. Nick Sklar from Whitman’s teaches the ins-and-outs of scissors, clippers and blades, and dryers – the trifecta of grooming tools!

He goes in-depth into the differences between beveled, convex, and semi-convex scissors and what they are good for, proper fit, what to look for in quality shears, sharpening, and recommended daily care. He discusses the differences in the varieties of blades, attachments, and clipper types, typical clipper troubleshooting, and how to properly maintain your blades and clippers. Nick also goes over the different dryers available and the pros and cons for them as well as ideal dryer care and maintenance to keep them working their best.

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Nick Sklar is a seasoned professional with a deep-rooted passion for grooming tools and the art of sharpening. Raised amidst the whirling sharpening wheel, he has acquired over two decades of hands-on experience in the realm of grooming equipment and its dedicated users. Nick’s expertise lies in meticulous equipment selection and the art of nurturing their longevity.

As the General Manager of Sales and Operations at Whitman’s Sharpening for just about a decade, Nick engaged in comprehensive research collaborations with renowned scissor companies, cementing his reputation as a go-to expert in the field. Notably, he has played a pivotal role in product design for esteemed brands like Chris Christensen and Whitman’s products, contributing to their success through his invaluable insights and assistance.

11 reviews for What a Tool Grooming Tools Webinar

  1. Iris Willemse avatar

    Iris W.

    Very pleased with the in depth explaining of Nick. Easy to understand, I learned so much I had no clue about before.
    Loved this course! It’s a must see.

  2. Toni Smith avatar

    Toni Smith

    I learned so much from this. Thank you for the abundance of knowledge. I can now purchase with confidence and have a much better understanding of proper maintenance.

  3. Alexa Munroe avatar

    Alexa Munroe

    So much to learn! So many little things I look over, this is so helpful!

  4. Thea Scioletti avatar

    Thea Scioletti

    5* because 10 was not available.
    I took this course because I like tools. I’ve taken A LOT of tool courses/seminars and Nick you were amazing.
    Knowledgeable, Easy to follow, thorough, and while you may have been offering a few items that are proprietary – I was not of the mindset that anything was being pushed.
    Overall – Nick should do All tool seminars as I truly found his and Groomhaus’ hands down the most informative.
    If you are wondering if its worth it – YES. Stop over thinking and sign up for this course.

  5. Shirley Robertson avatar

    Shirley Robertson

    I learned so much that I didn’t know about scissors and care of equipment! Well worth the time!

  6. Tamara Stoner avatar

    Tamara Stoner

    I learned so much about scissors I never knew. Thank you nick! What a great class. I recommend this to every single groomer! Wish would’ve been taught these things 20 years ago!

  7. jacklyn pavlinic avatar

    jacklyn pavlinic

    Wow! He is so knowledgeable! learned so mych!

  8. Gail Kingrey avatar

    Gail Kingrey

    I had no idea how much there was to know about scissors & sharpening them.. Nick is so knowledgeable.

  9. Nicole Thompson avatar

    Nicole Thompson

    What an amazing seminar. I learned so much. I now know what I’m purchasing when buying shears. Also what to look for when finding some to sharpen my stuff. Clipper and blade/shear maintenance was great too.

  10. Lindsey Simpson avatar

    Lindsey Simpson

    Nick is so knowledgeable and it is always great to be able to learn from him.

  11. Angie Aguilar avatar

    Angie Aguilar

    Learned a lot about my tools and dryers and how to maintain them things I’ve never known and I’ve been grooming for 15 years

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