Schweenie Shih-tzu Mix Dog Grooming Course

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In this Salon Series dog grooming course Mayra Grajales demos a short but balanced pet trim on a Schweenie (Shih-tzu Dachshund mix). She shows how she uses clippers to do most of the work in setting the length on this tight style while paying attention to balance and structure during the scissor work to still apply some corrective grooming. Mayra goes over all her tips and tricks for creating this cute and tidy pet trim look on this short-legged mixed breed including a demo on how she applies bows to avoid mats and damage.






Mayra Grajales is an International Certified Master Groomer with IPG (International Professional Groomers) and a National Certified Master Groomer with NDGAA (National Dog Groomers Association of America). She was born in Puerto Rico and raised between there and South Florida, where she now resides. Mayra has been professionally grooming since 2001 and has been showing dogs since 2004. She has also bred several generations of FCI Champion Pomeranians. In 2014, Mayra traveled to Alborada Terriers in Barcelona, Spain to train with renowned breeder, Judge Jesus Pastor in grooming West Highland White Terriers.

In Puerto Rico, she owned a successful grooming shop and later house call grooming business for many years servicing clients all over the island. She now continues to run her house call grooming business Almana Dog Stylz in the South Florida area.

Mayra is passionate about education in the dog grooming industry. She has worked as an instructor at Pet’s Playground Grooming School in Pompano Beach, FL and has taught several seminars in Puerto Rico and South Florida to share her knowledge with others (in English and Spanish!) She loves to continue her own education as well and regularly takes seminars and private lessons with several of the world’s top groomers.

21 reviews for Schweenie Shih-tzu Mix Dog Grooming Course

  1. April Conway avatar

    April Conway

    Very nice course, lots of great tips for new groomers or more experienced ones.

  2. marquessa.moore

    I’m new to the grooming world and loved the little tips and tricks with beveling the feet and ears. I also loved the tip about using the hemostats for bows! Great info and newbie friendly!

  3. maddiemoiselleeee

    Dogs this size and with this hair texture always intimidate me but this course was very helpful

  4. emily.lucente

    Jolie is darling! Great tips for pet trim— nice blue print for clipper work. Love the purple mascara too

  5. erikagawrys1466

    Learned some different techniques for grooming from this course! Definitely worth the watch 😊

  6. denise.richards

    More please she’s such a patient instructor I think I can groom all the shih tzu

  7. christine.cusack

    Great tips!

  8. stephanie grosick

    She did an excellent job! Learned a few new things! I loved the chalk on the eyelashes, I’m definitely going to try this!

  9. thepawspaoklahoma

    Definitely learned a few things to improve!

  10. brien1

    This instructor is very informative

  11. sarah.simon

    I am watching most of these videos to improve my faces but I end up picking up so many tips and tricks for the whole groom along the way! Love it, thank you!

  12. Caitlin Gring

    Love this video!

  13. ivhappytails

    Great video!

  14. lorachaliw

    Great tips! Live the idea of highlighting the lashes. Too cute!!

  15. heather.iwlfe

    I love this video. Very informative. Thank you.

  16. Karolina Grembecka

    Lovely, short and straightforward webinar!! I so enjoy the Salon Series! It’s nice to see how other groomers groomed the pups we see everyday in our salons!! Also Jolie was such a good girl! 💗

  17. Chantelle Bowen

    Some really great tips for everyday pet trims!

  18. Kimberlyn Henry

    Very good instructional video

  19. Jennifer Herrera

    It’s great to see pet trims in every day dogs we see in the salon!

  20. Kenndey Hardinge

    Really informative and very well detailed

  21. Alison Kim

    Great tips and can’t wait to apply in my grooming at work. .

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