Sunshine Pony Poodle Freestyle Dog Grooming Course

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In this Salon Series dog grooming course Rachel Colant shows us how she accomplishes this adorable poodle freestyle trim. A great option for pet poodles and doodles with a similar coat type, this style is low maintenance with a bit of flare. Rachel goes over all her tips and tricks for creating this look in the salon focusing on defining a cute pony tail and sunshine head with a tight body and column legs.






Rachel Colant is an accomplished second-generation dog groomer, recognized for her exceptional skills and dedication in the industry. With over 12 years of experience, Rachel embarked on her grooming journey as a kid under the expert guidance of her mother, cementing her passion for the craft from an early age.

Through her hard work, dedication, and passion for dog grooming Rachel has attained the esteemed position of salon manager at Jess Rona Grooming in Los Angeles where she assumes the responsibility of overseeing competition level grooming for each and every dog, consistently upholding the highest standards of excellence.

Beyond her role at the salon, Rachel has secured multiple placements in both entry and intermediate level freestyle grooming competitions. Additionally, she shares her expertise as a seminar instructor, regularly imparting her knowledge to aspiring groomers seeking to hone their craft.

Rachel has also etched her mark on the industry as an authority in drop coats, notably her adorable Yorkie trims! Above all, Rachel is driven by her steadfast commitment to elevating the grooming industry through education and her signature gentle grooming techniques.

17 reviews for Sunshine Pony Poodle Freestyle Dog Grooming Course

  1. Jeanne Orgeron avatar


    Very nice! Very well explained and Ricky is adorable! Highly recommend this course!

  2. brittany011889

    Everything was explained really well and made it easy to understand! Adorable pup and adorable cut! Can’t wait to try it on a pup.

  3. Rachel Tebbenham

    Love the style of the groom and well explained

  4. Alison Kim

    Great seminar, learned so many tips.

  5. Daisy V.

    Very descriptive, nice lines, Rachel has a super smooth voice!!

  6. Paola Gomez

    Thank you so much! I can now understand what I was missing in my grooming. How important is to have a good scissors to make live easier. Thank you so much Rachel ❤️

  7. Sandra Stabley

    Lovely groom! Beautiful finish work. I learned a lot

  8. Heather Hillier

    Loved! I was able to get some clarity on small details i struggle with. Rachel’s teaching is very clear and attainable!

  9. Alexis Cruz

    Love the video

  10. Lexi Clasen

    I really really reeaalllyy loved everything about this webinar. I enjoyed how she described how she does her scissor work and seeing that done in action. As well as her work is genuinely just flat out gorgeous. Loved watching the transformation of this trim and I feel like I learned a lot!

  11. Cas E.

    Is this a realistic haircut for me to do in my salon with my current clientele? No! Will I still make it my life’s mission to find a dog/client that lets me do this haircut because I’m absolutely obsessed with it? Absolutely! Rachel is literally one of my favorite groomers; fantastic work and always a wonderful teacher. Loved every second of this seminar as usual!

  12. Angela Mcool

    This has been the best so far. Explains everything and goes at a slower pace so you can take it all in. Perfect!

  13. Liffey Kelly

    Rachel is fab, there are so many little things i would never think about that i now apply to my trims

  14. Karolina Grembecka

    Great webinar! I love seeing all the Asian Fusion styles on GH! Rachel did such a great job explaining everything and did such a cute trim on this guy, especially impressed with how she handled such a soft, floppy coat! And Ricky was such a good little boy (especially it being his 2nd or 3rd groom in his life)!

  15. Lindsay Greene

    Great camera angles! Very cute cut, Rachel and thank your for sharing! Little Ricky rocked it for only the 2nd groom of his life ❤️👏🏻🙌🏻

  16. Carrie Adams

    Super cute cut explained very well.

  17. Sharon Turner

    Very easy to understand very good xx

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