Malti Poo Dog Grooming Course

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In this Salon Series dog grooming course Tess Oliver demos an adorable pet trim on a Malti-Poo in her mobile van. This is a great pet trim option for any mixed breed with a similar coat type to keep them looking cute without a ton of maintenance. Tess goes over all her tips and tricks for creating this look including her prep routine!






Tess Anastasia Oliver is an award-winning dog groomer based out of Miami with certifications in Non-Sporting and Long-Legged Terriers. With over 12 years working in the grooming industry and 7 years as a business owner, she is an excellent source of knowledge in both styling and entrepreneurship.

Tess specializes in personality trims, modified show-to-pet trims, and Asian Fusion style trims. Throughout her career, she has continued to expand her knowledge and education by taking advantage of numerous seminars, webinars, certificate courses, and group lessons, as well as frequent private lessons with industry leaders like Pina Pinkusevich, Lindsey Dicken, & Mackensie Murphy to perfect specific trims and techniques. She especially enjoys taking lessons from different experts on the same trim, taking critiques and advice from every one she meets and mashing it all into her own unique perspective.

Over the years, Tess has shown Shetland Sheepdogs as well as Bedlington Terriers for the AKC, and can provide show grooming for both breeds as well as Golden Retrievers. Today, she competes in grooming contests with her retired Multi-Group Placing Grand Champion Bedlington Terrier and keeps her show Golden Retriever clients groomed for their respective handlers.

Tess is the proud owner of Best In Show Pet Spa and with a full client list on recurring 1-6 week schedules, and a 4-year-long waitlist with hundreds of households, it is no surprise that Tess is one of the most sought-after mobile groomers in the Miami area. #305tillIdie

29 reviews for Malti Poo Dog Grooming Course

  1. Daniela Dörfer avatar

    Daniela Dörfer

    Ich Liebe ihre Seminare! Informativ und kurzweilig. Vielen lieben Dank 🙂

    (I love your seminars! Informative and entertaining. Thanks so much)

  2. Berta Martines

    Great video of a pet trim based on different breed trims.

  3. Valentina Česnik

    Very helpful. I really enjoyed it.

  4. emily.lucente

    Great course— darling pup and cut

  5. Ruben Martinez

    Absolutely loved it, definitely helped with the face aspect I’ve been lacking.

  6. Heather Wolfe

    Very helpful. Modern. I love it

  7. Rachel Tebbenham

    Enjoyed the webinar, was very informative and easy to follow along

  8. AJ Johnson

    Was a little put off initially by how often she said “moist”, but she kept me engaged throughout the course!!!!

  9. Alexandra Waits

    very informative, and she’s very straight forward. definitely a good video to watch!

  10. Helen Sullivan

    Great course! Loved the tips that were given regarding grooming the feet!

  11. Morgan Colocho

    She was very bubbly and explained everything so well! I’ll definitely be learning and trying this in the salon!!! 10/10 would recommend

  12. Brandie Gitzendanner

    Love this! Learned some things for faces!

  13. Sarah Kuhns

    Enjoyed the video, I learned a lot.

  14. Alison Kim

    It was great, it was very informative and I can apply to my grooming classes.

  15. Wendy Downing

    Love her personality! Such a cute cut. Definitely will be using some tips she mentioned.

  16. Doreen Lane-Stedman

    Great tips and tricks and great delivery

  17. Stephanie Collins

    My first time watching her, really enjoyed it. She’s funny and knowledgeable! Beautiful groom!

  18. Alexis Cruz

    I really enjoyed doing this courses

  19. Anny Cleutinx

    Very cute! I already incorporate most of these techniques in my pet trims but picked up a couple of new tips.

  20. Iris Willemse

    Really enjoy her way of teaching, with a joke here and there. It keeps you entertained and engaged with her story.

  21. Jacey Spangler

    Love her sense of humor! Also loved how quick but direct she was in explaining the groom.

  22. Lorraine Figueroa

    Very funny and informative

  23. Sabrina Albert

    Love her sense of humor. Enjoyed watching and learning!

  24. Jordan Davis

    I loved the technique she used for the face!

  25. Karolina Grembecka

    Loved this webinar. Other than the trim, I also really appreciated the tips about mobile grooming.

  26. Yasmin Carey

    Helpful! Every day Grooming styles works for me rather than show dogs classes.

  27. Madisen Matherly

    Lots of good information in this one!! And she’s so funny, so definitely keeps you entertained through the whole webinar.

  28. Melissa Laney

    I liked this webinar because it applies to many of the cuts we do in our salon.

  29. Cas E.

    Very engaging! Wonderful teaching style as well (I definitely had some giggles), and it’s very informative!

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