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Elevate your pet grooming and Asian Fusion skills with Jay Batista! He will be showcasing how to achieve the perfect Asian Fusion trim on a Miniature Schnauzer and giving all his tips and tricks along the way. Learn step-by-step how to achieve this adorable Asian Fusion trim, techniques for the perfect round muzzle and flared legs, and what Jay’s recommended products and tools are to get the perfect finish that will make your furry clients truly stand out.

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Jayson Batista Matias aka “Jay Batista” is a distinguished stylist and expert in pet grooming, celebrated for his exceptional skills in the art of transformation and well known for his adorable Asian Fusion trims. Born in Puerto Rico, his reputation has transcended borders, bringing his talent to clients worldwide, while also serving as a brand ambassador for respected grooming industry brands Hydra,  Hydra Puerto Rico, Alpha Grooming Products, and Furmade.

Jay’s fascination with the world of dog styling ignited at an early age. His teenage years were marked by styling on his own pets and those of his friends, inspiring him to dedicate his life to the realms of canine care and styling. His education under the tutelage of esteemed dog grooming educators, including Irina Pinkunsevich, helped to hone his expertise and expand his repertoire of dog grooming techniques.

Along with his love for grooming, Jay is also passionate about sharing his knowledge with up and coming groomers through demos, seminars, and workshops around the world. Beyond his technical prowess, Jay is celebrated for his affable demeanor, effortlessly putting his clients at ease and fostering a relaxed atmosphere. He has openly expressed that the most fulfilling aspect of his profession lies in witnessing the joy and newfound confidence that his services bring to his clients’ lives.

Jay’s unwavering commitment to personal empowerment through the prism of care and beauty underscores his belief that every dog deserves to revel in their finest appearance and emotional well-being. With his innate talent, unwavering dedication, and unique vision, Jay has made his mark in the dog grooming industry and is poised to remain a prominent figure for years to come.

15 reviews for Schnau That’s Cute Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Tracey Peak avatar


    Love the way this is presented and the way Jay explains what he’s doing. Will definitely be looking for other videos from Jay.

  2. lenaishawolfe

    Useful info 🫶🏼 great table manners !

  3. Alison Kim

    It was a good lesson learned, explained very clearly. Really enjoyed the lesson.

  4. Ariel Pitts

    Very informative! Love the Asian face!

  5. Kylie Bannon

    Very detailed and lots of tips, excellent instructor!

  6. Lindsay Greene

    Love your table manners Jay! So many good tips and the most adorable schnauzer face 🫶🏻

  7. Diana Chudlia

    Wow, I am very appreciative of every explanation and a lot of tips. Jay is brilliant, very calm, and has positive energy! Thank you so much! Probably will be watched more than one time!

  8. Ana Lewellen

    He was awesome. Like this a lot. He was very detailed in his instructions. Great teachers.

  9. Susan King

    Great class and Jay is a wonderful teacher. Can’t wait to try the asian fusion cut on my Miniature Schnauzer.

  10. Madisen Matherly

    I could only tune in live for a very small amount of time, so I’m so glad I get to rewatch! Love the way she turned out and I can’t wait to try out some of the tricks

  11. Christine Chiu

    I loved this class. Learned so much!!

  12. Malorie Davis

    Jay is such an amazing teacher. I loved this class so much. It was so helpful and informative. I can’t wait to use these techniques

  13. Marci Montgomery

    Jay is brilliant, and this was an excellent seminar. His commentary is so helpful, I’ll be watching this again, probably more then once. It makes me want to attend a live seminar of his one day. Thanks for a great course!

  14. Korie Koratich

    Jay’s step by step demo for this class was spot on! Explained what he was doing perfectly!

  15. Lisa Sarter

    was a great live . was able to take some great information to use. would love to see Jay do this style muzzle on another breed

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