Asian Fusion Mini Poodle Dog Grooming Course

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In this Salon Series dog grooming course Annette Andrews demos an adorable Asian Fusion style on a mini Poodle. Perfect for any pet with a thick and/or curly coat like Poodles, Doodles, and Shih-tzus, this style puts focus on a cute round face and sculpted booty with tight body and flared legs. Annette goes over all her tips and tricks for creating this look in the salon while still maintaining attention to detail which sets your grooming apart from your competition.





Annette Crystal Andrews a knowledgeable and experienced dog grooming instructor with over 23 years of grooming expertise. Growing up with Poodles, Annette initially considered becoming a Vet Assistant to follow her love of dogs. However, fate had different plans for her, and she found her true passion in grooming.

After years of developing her skills and building a strong customer base at the salon she worked for in Kissimmee, Annette’s career took a significant turn when she seized the opportunity to buy the salon from the owner. She has now been the owner of Fusion Pet Stylez for the past 8 years.

Throughout her tenure as a salon owner, Annette has never stopped learning and growing. She has attended various grooming seminars and competitions, where she showcased her talent and secured two well-deserved placements for her Bichon and Fusion styles at the Fun in the Sun event. With an extensive background in the grooming industry, she has honed her expertise and specialized in doodle clips, perfecting her fusion styles for poodles and doodles alike.

Annette’s passion for learning remains undiminished, and she is constantly striving to become an exceptional groomer. Moreover, she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise to foster a new generation of talented and skilled groomers.

9 reviews for Asian Fusion Mini Poodle Dog Grooming Course

  1. Amanda Milspaw avatar

    Amanda Milspaw

    great information! Good communication on relating it to other more familiar cuts.

  2. Lisa Sarter avatar

    Lisa Sarter

    love this course watching for the second time…. thank you

  3. Bri Sauls avatar

    Bri Sauls

    Very easy to follow ! Lots of good information

  4. Karolina Grembecka avatar

    Karolina Grembecka

    Lovely Asian fusion webinar. I appreciate the encouragement/challenge to use more straight and curved shears, instead of chunkers and thinners 😎

  5. ZsaZsa Furian avatar

    ZsaZsa Furian

    Very well, detailed and loved the way she explains what angle to hold your scissors to create certain looks

  6. Kathy Awalt avatar

    Kathy Awalt

    Really enjoyed. Explained very well. Love the groom and wish I had clients who would maintain and not return a matted dog

  7. Helen Hopkins avatar

    Helen Hopkins

    Fantastic. Great non-mainstream techniques for nice quick salon grooms

  8. Michelle Robinson avatar

    Michelle Robinson

    Using the Bichon head reference to set the eyes helped! Thanks! Great job!

  9. Pedram Nasirzade avatar

    Pedram Nasirzade

    Great information, but you have to consider that not everyone has your scissoring experience, and it’s better to let them know the danger zones, it’s not safe for a beginner or intermediate to scissor like that around the tuck up.

    • Groom Haüs avatar

      Groom Haüs

      Hi Pedram, thanks for your feedback! You are correct there is a certain level of knowledge assumed on this course. We have removed it from the “Newbie Friendly” category.

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