Wild Thang Creative Dog Grooming Webinar

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Lori Craig guides you through the intricacies of creative grooming in this 2-part webinar replay. Learn the art of crafting a stunning 3D carved animal face design and elevate your skills with 2D flatwork animal prints. Lori delves into the process of measuring and drawing up a 3D design on a dog, providing insights on clipping techniques, safeguarding the design during coloring, and adding the perfect finishing touches post-wash and dry. Explore the world of flatwork as Lori demonstrates how to achieve sharp lines and shares valuable tips and tricks for a more natural-looking animal print design. Learn all of her favorite tools and products to use as well as tons of tips and tricks to level up your creative grooming skills!

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Lori Craig, a globally acclaimed creative groomer, judge, instructor, and the dedicated proprietor of Doggie Styles in Moore, Oklahoma, brings 27 years of expertise to the grooming world. With nearly two decades as a creative competitor, Lori boasts numerous first-place victories, people’s choice awards, and the distinction of being a five-time cover girl for Groomer to Groomer magazine.

Lori’s accolades include the prestigious All-time Favorite Cover, along with recognition as Creative Groomer of the Year and recipient of the Contribution to the Industry and Humanitarian Barkliegh Honors Awards. Passionate about sharing her artistic insights, Lori actively imparts her knowledge to fellow groomers, nurturing their ability to infuse creativity into their craft.

Her influence extends beyond competitions, as Lori has graced the screens of prominent shows such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, and more. Recognizing the importance of education in creative grooming, Lori founded the Creative Groomers Association, a platform dedicated to enhancing the skills of groomers worldwide.

As an official Opaws Creative Grooming Educator and a proud member of the Wahl Elite Team, Lori continues to contribute to the grooming industry by blending innovation with education.

10 reviews for Wild Thang Creative Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Brittany Suggs avatar

    Brittany Suggs

    Loved the carving portion! And the zebra! I have one dog who lets me practice on her and we’re working on a heart shaped cutie mark on her thigh next appointment! I feel more confident trying it now!

  2. Sam J Russell

    Great seeing the carving aspect of creative grooming. Great webinar!

  3. Elizabeth Torres

    The sticky foam cut out is a really smart idea. The carrot as the tail was super adorable. Loved everything about this video.

  4. Grace Tull

    Awesome webinar! Lori had some great tips. She explained things very clearly. She made it easy to understand.

  5. Jennifer Lewis

    Great webinar! Lori broke it into easy to follow steps. Will definitely make the process quicker.

  6. cara Mccarthy

    Loved this! She’s so talented

  7. Alexis Cruz

    It was great seeing this webinar

  8. Nikki Lago

    The production went well during the webinar! I personally know how difficult it can be but your team did well. Lori is a fantastic creative groomer and gave an exceptional class as always. Thank you for empowering so many to revolutionize the industry with your knowledge base.

  9. Lisa Mietzner

    I am just learning to color and have not done a creative groom. I absolutely love it. Lori was amazing to watch, she made everything easy to understand with great detail. Bunny and Zen looked fantastic when she was done and she has given me the encouragement needed to try some simple things out myself as I learn. Thank you for an amazing webinar.

  10. Kylie Bannon

    So much fun!

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