Continental Christmas Dog Grooming Webinar

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The Continental trim is by far one of the most iconic Poodle trims out there. Heck, there is even an emoji for it! 🐩 Irina Pinkusevich and Lindsey Dicken, two of the most badass Poodle groomers team up to teach you how to accomplish the coveted HCC Poodle trim, talk balance and structure, go over all their favorite tools, and more!

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Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich realized her passion as a Pet Stylist while working part-time as a bather after immigrating from The Ukraine in 1989. In the earlier part of her career she worked as a Pet Stylist at some of the most high-end grooming salons in New York. Pina entered the world of Competitive Grooming in 2006 and went on to win countless awards including Best In Show, Best All Around Groomer, the Lynne Carver Award for the most Best All Around Groomer wins (twice), and the Liz Paul Memorial Award for the most Best in Show wins. Other notable wins were the Winner’s Circle Jackpot 2011 and The World Dog Show’s World Champion Award. Pina was also a member of GroomTeam USA from 2008 through 2013 and competed in the World Championships for the United States in 2009, 2011, and 2013 helping the U.S. team bring home a Silver & two Golds.

Along with being a world-renowned groomer, Pina is also a national & international judge, instructor, and speaker. She was awarded the Cardinal Crystal Award for Judge of the Year as well as the Barkleigh Honors Award for Up & Coming Speaker of the Year in 2014. Pina is a National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG) with the National Dog Groomers of America and is also a Certifier for their company. In 2021, she launched her company Niira to bring high quality affordable grooming tools to the industry.

Dedicated to improving the industry, Pina offers dog grooming education through private lessons in and around Ft. Lauderdale, FL and also travels the world to instruct at various in-person conferences and seminars as well as online webinars and is an integral part of Artero’s Jornadas events.

Pina is also associated with Kiyara Poodles, a top breeder of miniature poodles in the United States owned by Michael Lamb & Bill Jividen Jr. She is also associated with Kerryfield Kennels, top breeders of Kerry Blue Terriers owned by Virginia Harding and Krizma Kennels owned by Lois Grier. With these kennels, Irina has bred & co-owned numerous champion Poodles & Kerry Blue Terriers.


Master Groomer Lindsey Dicken has been grooming for 15 years, and has been grooming competitively for 13 of those. As one of the most decorated groomers in competitive grooming history, Lindsey has won multiple Best All Around Groomer awards and Best in Show at nearly every show in the US, Best Scissored Poodle awards, World Champion Poodle Groomer, and Intergroom’s Groomer of the Year a record 5 times. In 2013, Lindsey was awarded Groomer of the Year at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club.

Lindsey has qualified for Groom Team USA’s Top Ten Stylists every year she was eligible, reaching #6 position her very first year. She has been the #1 ranked groomer in the nation for 10 of the past 12 years, and has had the honor of representing the USA at the World Team Grooming Championship 5 consecutive times helping win three gold and two silver medals with multiple breeds internationally.

Lindsey is most known for her work on Bichon Frises and Poodles, however she has earned wins on nearly every breed allowable. In addition to competing in grooming contests, Lindsey breeds and shows champion Bichon Frises and miniature poodles, her Percheron draft horses, and is a highly sought after speaker helping groomers around the world hone their skills.

37 reviews for Continental Christmas Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Masako Dumas avatar

    Masako Dumas

    I had been looking a continental trim tutorial video. There is so many tips and techniques I had watched several times already. Thank you!

  2. Lily Baez

    Amazing webinar! I wasn’t even done watching in one sitting and was already able to apply certain tricks to my grooms the next day. So grateful to the sponsors and the instructors for this webinar. I am very happy I took the time to finally sit and watch the whole thing. One day I will be grooming poodles as lovely as these ladies!

  3. Anna

    As always a very informative demo. Superhappy with what I’ve learned. Thank you

  4. Renee Raschio

    This is a great course with very good instruction.

  5. Izabella Grosch Markovics

    Really a lot of useful information. Excellent presentation. Thanks a lot <3 🙂

  6. Chelsa B

    I found this to be super helpful. I learned a lot. Thank you !

  7. Jennifer Miller

    Wow! I don’t have very many poodles on my regular rotation schedule, and none of them are in a full continental, but this was fabulous! It was nice to see technique up close and watch two experts in the field. I’m so glad I participated and I look forward to More classes!

  8. Susanne Carlsson

    Awesome webinar! Very informative indeed and lots of tips and techniques!

  9. Okema Parker

    Great introduction! I learned a lot.

  10. Jaime Cortez

    I always learn with your educational webinars. It was awesome !!
    Thank you Pina and Lindsey . Happy holydays !!!

  11. Oksana

    Amazing webinar! Thanks a lot!

  12. Aurora Rose

    Always picking up a useful tip or two from these ladies!

  13. Aurora Rose

    Always learn something new!

  14. Danielle St. Louis

    Excellent presentation! They went over many technical aspects of the several Continental trim variations with easy to understand explanations and breed history. There were some technical issues with the cameras throughout the video, and the chat questions were superimposed onto the screen in very large bubbles that directly blocked the dog they were working on, which is why I rated 4/5 instead of the full 5 stars. I would have loved to see other dogs in the trim (even photos at the end) to see the points they discussed on individual conformation changing the placement and shape of the pattern. Overall this was very informative and I will watch for future Groomhaus webinars.

  15. Karen

    Loved it! Great tips, great details!

  16. Sady Muro

    I really enjoyed it.
    Thank you so much 🐾
    Beautiful job as always 🐩

  17. Sharon

    Amazing informative easily explained. Loved every minute. Look forward to more

  18. Angie

    Been in the industry for 15 years and love continuing my education
    These two were so good and well I loved every second of it
    I learn something new everyday

  19. Christina Swanson

    I don’t have a poodle but it was facinating to learn how to do this complex-looking trim! Learnt a lot.

  20. G.S Thijzen

    It was an awesome webinar with alot of tips and very very nice to learn and watch.

  21. Richard Absher

    Awesome seminar!

  22. Isla

    Very informative, and the quality of shots provided to actually see what’s going on was great. Love Pina and Lindsey (obv lol)

  23. Guendolyn Bonilla

    Very good! Me encanto!

  24. Jilly Mucciarone

    Excellent information and demo! Lindsay and Pina answered everyone’s questions and gave not only “How” but also “why” reasons which was super helpful. They’re pretty funny together too! Thanks Groom Häus!

  25. susan coliton

    I gain something every time I watch one of your videos

  26. Tempest Deptuch

    Excellent webinar ladies. Some great tips as well.

  27. Hannah D

    It’s my first time watching any sort of continuing education video with Groom Haus and I’ll be coming back for more. Lindsay and Pina were fantastic teachers and made it super fun. I’m excited to apply what I learned to my grooms.

  28. Amber

    Love the platforms webinars in general. I have standards and loved the different angles and details

  29. Karin Evans

    Nicely done & very informative!

  30. Olga Smith

    Brilliant, well presented, educationa webnar. Love the funny comments. Thank you

  31. Nicole

    Very informative and plenty of tips and tricks you learn about.

  32. Shavontay

    Love it!

  33. Vaida Valiuliene

    Super detailed and entertaining seminar!

  34. Misty Gieczys

    I really like watching both educators and thought they worked very well together. Pina is my go to person so I would watch her paint a wall honestly.

  35. Lindsee Lee

    Another fantastic and high quality webinar! So fantastic! And Artero’s marketing is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. Edwin Alexis Ramirez Lima


  37. Grace Richards

    Wonderful instruction a huge help. Thank you x

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