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Want to get better at grooming drop coated dogs like Shih-tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, and Malteses? Nationally Certified Master Groomers Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich and Jonathan David have teamed up to teach you how they create the perfect drop coat trim on 3 different dogs – 2 Yorkies with different coat types and a pet styled Shih-tzu! Enjoy learning from two of the best groomers, judges, and instructors in the industry covering things like preparation of the drop coat for haircut, using attachment combs on drop coat, scissor over comb technique, how to apply a top knot and bow, and more! This webinar is a gold mine of knowledge and the chemistry that Pina and Jonathan have make for an even more enjoyable learning experience.


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Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich found her calling as a dog groomer after immigrating from Ukraine in 1989 and working part-time as a bather. She honed her skills at some of New York’s finest grooming salons before stepping into the competitive grooming scene in 2006. Pina quickly made a name for herself, winning prestigious titles like Best In Show, Best All Around Groomer, the Lynne Carver Award (twice), and the Liz Paul Memorial Award. She also triumphed at the Winner’s Circle Jackpot in 2011 and earned the World Dog Show’s World Champion Award. From 2008 to 2013, Pina was a proud member of GroomTeam USA, competing internationally and helping her team win a Silver and two Gold medals.

Beyond her achievements in grooming, Pina is celebrated as a judge, instructor, and speaker. In 2014, she was honored with the Cardinal Crystal Award for Judge of the Year and the Barkleigh Honors Award for Up & Coming Speaker of the Year. As a National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG) with the National Dog Groomers of America, she also served as a Certifier for many years.

Pina’s passion for education brings her around the world for conferences, seminars, and workshops, including the PM Mastery Series with Ann Martin. In 2021, she launched Niira to provide top-notch, affordable grooming tools. Her journey with Groom Haüs began at its inception, and in 2024, she officially joined as Education Director and co-owner.

Pina is also deeply involved with Kiyara Poodles, Kerryfield Kennels, and Krizma Kennels, where she has bred and co-owned numerous champion Poodles and Kerry Blue Terriers. Her dedication to excellence and education has made her a beloved, well-known, and respected figure in the grooming community for good reason.


Jonathan David has had a very diverse career in the dog world. From a young age, he began in the show ring breeding and exhibiting multiple breeds. A graduate of the Nash Academy of Animal Arts, Jonathan had a very successful five year grooming competition career. He has been the recipient of multiple scissoring awards, multiple Best All Around Groomer awards and Best In Show earning him a position on GroomTeam USA in 2008 and 2009. Desiring to take his career further, Jonathan was a contestant on Animal Planets “Groomer Has It” Season 1 and has been featured as a grooming expert on multiple Animal Planet television shows including “Dogs 101”, “Cats 101” and “America’s Cutest Dog.”

Jonathan has also been featured as a pet expert on many television programs including ABC’s “The View” and before moving to Florida he owned and operated a very successful mobile grooming business in NYC boasting a long list of celebrity clientele.

Currently, Jonathan lives in south Florida where he owns and operates his mobile grooming business and serves as a board member of multiple dog clubs. Jonathan has moved into yet another phase of his career as an international speaker and judge earning Barkleigh Honor Awards for Speaker of the Year and Judge of the Year.

21 reviews for Drop It Like It’s Hot Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Karolina Pielichowska avatar

    Karolina Pielichowska

    Great course! I don’t have a lot if drop coats in my saloon so I try to learn everything about them in seminars, since I do not work on them every day. Thanks guys.

  2. brien1

    excellent instructors, loved the stories they shared too

  3. Caitlin Gring

    Loved this course! I always have trouble with pinning up Yorker hair.

  4. shearspetservices

    Definitely going to use the scissor over comb technique tomorrow for my drop coat! Yay!! So happy to have watched this 🙌🏻

  5. Alison Kim

    This was a great seminar. I learned so much about drop coat and can’t wait to use all the skills I learned in the future.

  6. Roxanne Barnes

    Loved it! Loved seeing Johnathan and Pina teaching together. There are some tech issues and the pausing made me think it was my internet. Great tips and tricks!

  7. Alexandra Sylvestre

    So much important & thoughtful informations. Everyone watching this seminar is coming out with new informations. I loved it !

  8. Kylie Bannon

    Excellent tips, will be watching the shear over comb course next. I do wish the focus on the dog was a bit better, it got blurry a few times but great otherwise! Thank you!

  9. Mona Trejo

    The information and tips were awesome and very helpful. The filming is not so good, but it’s definitely worth the watch.

    • Groom Haüs

      Hi Mona, thanks for the feedback. Typically we would ask what exactly you thought was “not so good” about the production seeing as how we are known for our high quality, but this was shot a few years ago so our setup and quality has changed quite a bit since then.

  10. Rosann Garwood

    Thank you for this learning experience! As a new groomer I love all the tips and tricks taught in this webinar. Thank u!!

  11. Tami Hottes

    I love this remote learning! You can go back and reference things when you need to. Makes for a better groomer, for sure!

  12. Tami Hottes

    Great webinar! Learned some awesome tips! Thank you!

  13. Kat Arruda

    As always amazing! I learned so many new tips. Pina and Jonathan really are great together. Their explanations were clear and the demos were great!

  14. Lisa chod

    I learned so much since I have been out of grooming school since 2011

  15. Courtney Ferranti

    Very pleased with this. I have learned lots and plan to put it in my daily routine. I always have problems with drop coats and this will help I know it.

  16. Vanessa Hornbuckle

    This Webinar was Awesome! I don’t blow smoke up people’s butt so I’m serious when I this. I can’t wait to try these techniques and of course shop!

  17. Lindsee Amsden

    I’ve watched it twice now and have the products mentioned ordered and on the way to me. Great job done by the whole team!

  18. Ashley Scheller

    I enjoyed it SO much! Very informative and great picture. The audio did skip a bit, but mostly is was good as well. I can’t wait for another one!

  19. Liz Hampton

    Loved this webinar! Very informative and the lighting/camera work was excellent! I will definitely stay tuned for upcoming classes!

  20. Kathy Awalt

    The webinar was good and I picked up some tips to further improve my skills. However, I live in a rural community and pet owners want short or puppy cut, whatever length that may be. In this area they do not want cuts that require work on their part. I dare to dream of a groom where I could color a tail or even use a flat iron. Keep inspiring and stirring us to grow in our skills.

  21. Jan Reagan

    Excellent!! Communication and content was excellent!! Looking forward to watching again!!

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