Senior Moment Dog Grooming Webinar

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Jonathan David shows how he does a fun Asian Fusion pet trim on a senior toy Poodle! Learn techniques to create an adorable Asian-inspired teddy bear trim alongside tips and tricks for how to accomplish this quickly and safely on a senior dog without sacrificing the style.

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Jonathan David has had a very diverse career in the dog world. From a young age, he began in the show ring breeding and exhibiting multiple breeds. A graduate of the Nash Academy of Animal Arts, Jonathan had a very successful five year grooming competition career. He has been the recipient of multiple scissoring awards, multiple Best All Around Groomer awards and Best In Show earning him a position on GroomTeam USA in 2008 and 2009. Desiring to take his career further, Jonathan was a contestant on Animal Planets “Groomer Has It” Season 1 and has been featured as a grooming expert on multiple Animal Planet television shows including “Dogs 101”, “Cats 101” and “America’s Cutest Dog.”

Jonathan has also been featured as a pet expert on many television programs including ABC’s “The View” and before moving to Florida he owned and operated a very successful mobile grooming business in NYC boasting a long list of celebrity clientele.

Currently, Jonathan lives in south Florida where he owns and operates his mobile grooming business and serves as a board member of multiple dog clubs. Jonathan has moved into yet another phase of his career as an international speaker and judge earning Barkleigh Honor Awards for Speaker of the Year and Judge of the Year.

6 reviews for Senior Moment Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Kristie Lynthacum avatar

    Kristie Lynthacum

    Newbie groomer here who learned sooo much from this course before grooming my first senior dog that also has back leg paralysis. The groom went extremely well utilizing all the tips learned from this course!! Thank you!!

  2. Eddie Porter

    Great course with some helpful tips

  3. Tami Hottes

    I really enjoyed the webinar. I used a couple of techniques on my own senior boy. Thank you!

  4. Leo Salas

    This was my first groom haus webinar, and I couldn’t have been happier with it. (Not just because I won a prize, either.) For all of those groomers out there who end up doing the majority of the senior dogs because you’re good with them, this is a must see. Johnathan was full of great tips and tricks and useful advice on how to have those real discussions with your customers. Even if you already incorporate many of these methods, a fresh eye and new perspective can be just what the Dr ordered. The camera angles were great and let you see it all.

  5. Kathy Awalt

    Jonathan is such a great instructor. Alot of wisdom in this webinar. I have had older grooms that I have supplied same techniques and conversations with owner. Sadly the owner is in denial and doesn’t understand the issues because per them their dog doesn’t behave like that at home. Well they are not handling like a groomer. Some leave and find another groomer who will do business as usual. I’d rather they walk away knowing what I did and communicated was in the best interest of their pet. Keep these webinars coming

  6. Cheryl Keenan

    Well presented webinar. Lots of great information when grooming senior pets. We all need a “reminder” from time to time + this webinar hit it right on the mark!

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