Live Life Golden Dog Grooming Webinar

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Learn the art of grooming the Golden Retriever with Angela Lewis. With her guidance, you’ll delve into the intricacies of how to accomplish a beautiful Golden Retriever show trim. Angela goes over all the best tools to use, gives you all her tip and tricks, and demonstrates the most effective techniques to achieve a show quality groom. Plus enjoy a bonus drying demo where she shows proper drying technique which is of utmost importance on this coat for the proper finish.

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Angela Lewis is a 2nd generation groomer and Asian Fusion styling expert out of Central Florida. She has been grooming professionally for 11 years, but has had clippers in her hand since she was 6. Angela grew up in the dog world working, showing, and breeding Dobermans with her mom and now shows her Golden Retriever Lucius and competes in various sports conformation, dock diving, fastcat, and hunt work with him. She also breeds and shows Bichons which have greatly influenced her Asian Fusion grooming style.

Not only does Angela enjoy teaching groomers through private lessons and seminars, she is passionate about continued education for herself as well. She attends seminars, takes private lessons, and has trained under Groom Team members. One thing she loves about grooming is that it is an ever-changing craft and there is always something new to learn.

Aside from learning any chance she gets, she also regularly competes in grooming competitions to challenge herself and has placed multiple times at Fun In The Sun Orlando as well as online competitions. While known for her Asian Fusion grooming, she has also more recently explored the world of creative grooming placing 1st in an online international grooming competition. Angela is also co-owner of Southern Styles Dog Grooming salon which was a finalist for Volusia County’s Best of the Best local business award.

4 reviews for Live Life Golden Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Ariel Abel avatar


    Enjoyed the course! As an owner of three Goldens I wanted to know how to properly groom my favorite breed!

  2. gaia giulia.rossi

    Thank you very much for sharing all this valuable information with us! ❤️ I loved this webinar!

  3. Leanna Woodard

    I absolutely loved this webinar and learned so many new tips and tricks from it! I’ve only been grooming for around 3 years now and Golden’s have quickly become one of my favorite breeds, so I jump at the chance for any new learning material on them. If I ever do decide to show, this will probably be the breed I go for. 🥰 Thank you to Angela, Pina, and the others for all of the information- Spartan was a gorgeous boy!!!

    P.S. I have the luck of working with someone who used to show golden’s and who occasionally brings in her dogs to let me practice on, and using this video and her advice I achieved a look I was SO proud of! Huge win. ❤️

  4. Karolina Grembecka

    What a pretty Golden 🤩 even though I don’t groom big dogs anymore (just watching Angela lifting him up so he would stand made my back ache 😣🙈), I still found this webinar useful, interesting and insightful. I groom some little mixes that have a double coat and I feel like a lot of the techniques that Angela used in this webinar will help me make those pups look even better. I appreciate that the drying videos was also included, I feel like that’s what’s often times missing from some seminars/webinars, as we all know the prep work is so extremely important! The only complaint I have is that Pina didn’t have her microphone on at the beginning and my nosy self didn’t get to hear what she had to say about the stripping knife and the sanitary 😂 but other than that I had a blast watching this webinar!

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