Scissor Oil for Dog Grooming Shears

PetStore.Direct Blade and Shear Oil in needle bottle is an effective lubricant that extends the lifespan of dog grooming equipment such as clippers, blades, and shears.

  • Needle dispenser helps dispense little amounts of blade or scissor oil, perfect for not overusing or spilling
  • Precision dropper tip ensures application of the oil exactly where needed
  • Recommended to use after cleaning with a solvent or spray cleaner
  • For maximum clipper power and longer blade life use regularly
  • Helps to maintain blades in-between uses
  • Prevents rust and corrosion on shears and blades
  • PetStore.Direct Blade and Shear Oil in Needle Bottle is compact and easy to store, making it ideal for travel and on-the-go grooming

To use, open up the scissors so the blades create a 90-degree angle. Then, place one or two drops right into the joint area of the blades. Open and close your blades a few times. This will let the oil work into the blades of the scissors. Afterward, wipe the blades clean. This will protect the system with the tension screw. It will also flush out any debris you may have missed while cleaning.


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