Ruff Life Sling Dog Grooming Hammock

This dog grooming hammock is suitable for cats or dogs up to 35 pounds for the Teacup, Small, and Medium Sizes. The Large sized hammock holds up to 75 pounds – highly recommended to have a FULL overhead bar. We are not at fault for any injury due to table or bar malfunctions or customers not following hammock directions properly. Safety is top priority! The zippered pieces allow for extension for the various sized pets that you will be trimming. These are perfect for those aggressive, wiggly, or older animals that need some assistance when it comes to getting their nails / pads / faces done.

These dog grooming hammocks provide a comfortable solution for the pet, balancing their weight while providing access to their nails. These come with the hooks, adjustable zipper piece, AND patent-pending headrest to support the animal’s neck/head during trimming and face detail that no one else in the world owns the rights to. The headrest when used properly with the velcro straps also helps discourage biting from the animal. Velcro straps for added support, as well as zipper protection for the animal’s safety of the underbelly.

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