Resting Bich Face Dog Grooming Webinar

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Learn from one of the most decorated groomers in history who is also a Bichon breeder and handler how to properly set and sculpt a beautiful round Bichon show head as well as how to accomplish a quicker more manageable pet trim version great for the shop. Lindsey goes over all her tips and tricks on maintaining balance and roundness, things to avoid, tools she loves, and more.

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Master Groomer Lindsey Dicken has been grooming for 15 years, and has been grooming competitively for 13 of those. As one of the most decorated groomers in competitive grooming history, Lindsey has won multiple Best All Around Groomer awards and Best in Show at nearly every show in the US, Best Scissored Poodle awards, World Champion Poodle Groomer, and Intergroom’s Groomer of the Year a record 5 times. In 2013, Lindsey was awarded Groomer of the Year at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club.

Lindsey has qualified for Groom Team USA’s Top Ten Stylists every year she was eligible, reaching #6 position her very first year. She has been the #1 ranked groomer in the nation for 10 of the past 12 years, and has had the honor of representing the USA at the World Team Grooming Championship 5 consecutive times helping win three gold and two silver medals with multiple breeds internationally.

Lindsey is most known for her work on Bichon Frises and Poodles, however she has earned wins on nearly every breed allowable. In addition to competing in grooming contests, Lindsey breeds and shows champion Bichon Frises and miniature poodles, her Percheron draft horses, and is a highly sought after speaker helping groomers around the world hone their skills.

14 reviews for Resting Bich Face Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Heather Wolfe avatar


    I learned so much in this video.

  2. Maja Brljafa

    Great seminar, I learned a lot – basicly that was what I needed! The only thing I would like to be different is to have a model dog more furry, preferably without visible haircut (pattern). Fantastic thing is that I can watch seminar over and over again. Thank you!

  3. Lucretia Turner

    Thank You for another great step by step lesson by Lindsey!

  4. Lara Miloslavic

    I lined it a lot, but please start on time. I like that all the questions were visible and were answered. A bit more explanation while demonstrating. Otherwise nice

  5. Angela Dietz

    I’d watch anything Lindsay’s teaching.

  6. Hartz Catherine

    Super grateful for this seminar! I love Bichons and I enjoy working with them. The dogs were excellent models and Lindsey was great at taking her time to explain in detail what she was doing with the dogs, where and why to create the perfect look. Im very pleased and satisfied with the educational quality, I feel it helped me improve right away. Thank you for the excellent content!

  7. Lisa Mault

    Having a major show coming up. I needed to tweak my dogs head and neck. This seminar is exactly what I needed. Love Lindseys way of explaining things and it seems to sink in better. Would love to see a legs seminar as I think these are just as hard.

  8. Heather Wippler

    Loved the seminar and put to use what I learned already. I have already requested a leg seminar, bum and between the legs seminar. Would be great to understand how to scissors those cylinder legs and what the view should look like from front and rear view. I have a hard time front and rear between the legs. Then could I suggest a puppy seminar. Taking down puppies in that the first haircut. Mine look like I chew their hair off. Anyway very clear instructions in the seminar and I am putting all I learned to good use. So thanks so much.

  9. Wendy Ball

    Always fun and learn different technics , Great Job Lindsey

  10. Paula

    I learn so much everytime I am able to watch Lindsey’s videos or actually see her in person. The Resting Bich Face presentation was wonderful! Loved it!

  11. Stephanie Toom

    Lindsey has a great way of explaining things in an easy to understand way. Great detail. Loved her webinar. Would love one on legs and bums too.

  12. Angie

    I’ve been showing and grooming Bichons for 7 Years and always found the head my biggest fear and could never get the perfect look I desired after watching Lindsey and being able to rewatch it it just clicked and I’ve been getting it right everytime I look forward to watching more would love a bichon bum and leg seminar ????

  13. Valerie

    Lindsey is a great teacher! I have learned a lot from following her and watching her grooming videos.

  14. Nadine Stopka

    Absolutely amazing

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