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Do you have trouble handling difficult dogs that are anxious or nervous, aggressive, move around a lot, or don’t like particular parts of their body touched? Are you unsure of how to properly and safely hold or handle a difficult dog? Sarah and Ramiel help you Handle Deez Pups utilizing energy work, proper handling, and correction. Learn about dog psychology basics to better recognize when a dog is showing signs of aggression or nervousness, safe and effective handling techniques for different parts of the grooming process from clipping nails to trimming the face, and so much more. Sarah and Ramiel will be using multiple dogs to showcase general handling techniques as well as difficult dog handling together.

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Sarah Drouin, owner and head groomer of Plush is a National Certified Master Groomer through The National Dog Groomers Association of America. She is also Pet Tech CPR Certified and is an Award Winning Stylist that competes in grooming contests all around the world. With 11 years of experience to offer, Sarah travels the world educating other groomers with the high standards and skills she has learned along her journey as a Master Stylist but also is continuously learning and refining her craft to ensure her clients get nothing but the best. Sarah’s background and expertise in dog behavior allows her to connect with clients and build a bond with them. This advances her ability to not only do her job effectively but more important, safely! It is essential to have a connection & provide a safe place for dogs to transform into Plush Puppies. Her high standards for safety, quality, and knowledge will always stand priority and is what sets Plush apart from the rest.

Not only is she an award-winning groomer, Sarah helps each individual dog work through trauma. Before grooming, Sarah had a background in dog training and also has trained under Cesar Milan to further her dog handling and psychology knowledge and skills. She has learned the subtle yet powerful physical and psychological language of canines and how to use it to build balanced relationships. Sarah focuses on addressing and resolving problem behaviors, achieving calm submission, and incorporating that into the salon with grooming. Her goal is to now share with other groomers how to have the same success for dogs in their salon. Understanding where the dog belongs in the pack helps having the knowledge of how to encourage healing. Grooming is essential to the well being of the dog, and through her understanding of dog behavior Sarah is able to incorporate methods to make grooming a positive and pleasant experience. Sarah respects and honors the dog, the end result is the dog’s trust, respect, and love. 


Ramiel works alongside Sarah helping to bathe, prep, and groom dogs at Plush by Sarah Drouin. He has a very calming and relaxing way with animals allowing him to handle dogs that most cannot. His favorite part of what he does is seeing the transformation of the dogs he works with, mostly from within. He enjoys connecting with them so they can feel safe and have trust while in his care and has dubbed himself  “The Pearler”. With over eight years of experience in the dog grooming industry, Ramiel has had the pleasure to learn from National Certified Master Groomers around the world, and has also traveled to grooming conventions to prep award-winning dogs. He has spent a great deal of his time working at a local humane society and has a great understanding of dogs from different backgrounds and situations. Not only was he an Animal CareTaker, he took the time to build a relationship with each dog and give them the time and exercise they needed individually. Ramiel has a passion to perfect his craft and constantly works to continue his education in dog grooming. Ramiel has completed Module 1 The Science Of Skin Series from Iv San Bernard which gives him a solid foundation of coat science including short, medium, and long coat types. Ramiel also has the ability to offer skin therapies and identify certain skin diseases.

10 reviews for Handle Deez Pups Difficult Dog Grooming Webinar

  1. Nicole Keen avatar

    Nicole Keen

    I have to say this was the best webinar i have ever watched i learned so much for me being the average everyday groomer i have already started using these techniques on some of my clients and already have seen much improvement! No one in our industry is doing what these two are accomplishing! Behavior is the main thing that mistakenly gets overlooked in grooming we are always so worried about the perfect haircut or making that extra dollar but we really need to focus on the dogs wellbeing! This is why i became a dog groomer because i love dogs! And these two love dogs as well! I recommend all their videos and then some! These dogs are blessed to have sarah and mel in their lives! They show there is much purpose in this industry!

  2. Diana Galyen avatar

    Diana Galyen

    I LOVED this seminar. I learned so much about calm confident energy and how to help make the dogs I’m working with as calm as possible. Sarah was SO informative. And she covered one of the most important things- some dogs are just two people dogs for the safety & well-being of the pets in our care. LOVED THIS SEMINAR. 12/10 recommend.

  3. Mary Ryan avatar

    Mary Ryan

    Did not actually show a wide variety of techniques to handle difficult dogs. Answered all questions during the seminar, hence took over three hours. Told me that it helps get the dogs used to the environment, and people would be mad for not answering all the questions? We don’t have the time to get dogs used to the salon like you had, AND you should answer the questions AFTER the seminar, not during. Showed one technique for trimming nails with two people which is stressful for the dog, and very dangerous. Someone asked resources on where to learn more about this topic, her best response was “this video”. For the last dog, they uploaded an half an hour video on luring the dog with treats. Learned nothing

    • Groom Haüs avatar


      Hi Mary – There were a lot of questions on this one and we do try to get to as many as possible during the live which is why most people love to attend. We try to stay on topic with the questions to limit them and are always working to improve the flow of questions to the instructor, but it is meant to be similar to a live seminar experience where questions are asked as the lesson is being taught. This is the format you can expect from any Groom Haüs live webinar. The recorded video we added to the already 3+ hour long webinar featuring 3 difficult dogs did have more than just luring the dog with a treat, but he was essentially was a “wild card” bonus dog as we did not know what to expect with that one. We would never want you to walk away from a Groom Haüs webinar feeling as if you “learned nothing” so I have processed a full refund for this webinar for you.

  4. Sharon Jenkins avatar

    Sharon Jenkins

    As someone who is starting out, it was very informative and i can see myself watching it back on a regular basis..

  5. Sarah Crawford avatar

    Sarah Crawford

    Good techniques in this seminar even if you’ve been grooming a while. We all forget our purpose some times and need some reminders. Would like to see another based more toward someone working alone.

  6. Vanessa Hornbuckle avatar

    Vanessa Hornbuckle

    I used every technique that applied to my clients and they ALL WORKED! My favorite was the imprinting, I noticed that the submission when I kept physical contact with my hand. I used less words and afterwards gave them a reward. Thank you guys so much!

  7. Luana Pierre avatar

    Luana Pierre

    Thoroughly enjoyed this webinar and I have implemented almost all the techniques shown and now grooming for me is less stressful.

  8. Patricia Mattson avatar

    Patricia Mattson

    I used one of your techniques today for a dog that is difficult for nails and it worked great ! Thank you for the effective tip on laying them on their side.

  9. Tanya Carrasquillo avatar

    Tanya Carrasquillo

    Great seminar. Really helps you understand you can’t always do it on your own if you really wanna keep the pets well-being as a priority.

  10. Kathy Awalt avatar

    Kathy Awalt

    Every thing Sarah does is 5 star. I really liked her calm confidence and how she worked with the dogs. Practicing calm confidence every day it’s paying off

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