CRAZY LIBERTY Dog Hair Dye – Tropical Set

Crazy Liberty Color Hair Dyes are developed on the basis of modern nanotechnologies for the safe decorative dyeing of animals’ coat. Pets hair dyes are made of vegetative and fruit components that not only color but also improve the health of the dog’s hair and fur. The plant and fruit juices AHA (α-hydroxy acid) are used as a dye extract to give the intensive color. The dyes include an extract of lilies that nourishes and restores the structure of the damaged wool, protects it from bleaching under ultraviolet rays and soothes the animal skin. Bright coat color is achieved with the help of the ultra silicon emulsion, which particle sizes are less than 40 nanometers. Due to this the dye penetrates deep into the animal coat reducing the loss of its humidity, protecting against thermal damage, and giving the glamorous shine.

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