Whitman’s DiamaGroove Boxer Dremel Bit

Whitman’s DiamaGroove Boxer Dremel Bit is a high quality detachable nail grinding tool for dog grooming that can fit most dremel brand models. The Boxer offers more of a ‘pyramid-shape,’ with a bit of tip that is more narrow than the base. This offers more versatility to get closer to the paw, go over the top of the nail, or to get under/around nails that are a bit curved under.

The Diamagroove is also available in Pinnacle and Detailer.

  • The Pinnacle offers an hourglass shape giving you a ‘ride-line’ to easily position the nail. This is ideal when you have a dog that is nervous or wild when getting their nails dremeled.
  • The Detailer. Its shape resembles the Boxer model but on a smaller scale. It is great for smaller breeds or for finishing and detail work on all breeds.

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