Skimming Me Softly Dog Grooming Course

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Join instructor Helen Khom as she guides you through this German-inspired Creative Trim course. She demonstrates the step-by-step process of grooming this overgrown mini Poodle with a focus on clippering techniques, complemented by light scissor work at the end for finishing touches.
Helen shares invaluable tips for achieving immaculate clean poodle feet and setting a clean face and goes over many grooming techniques suitable for both the Clipper Class grooming competition and salon pet grooming environments, and tips adaptable to various breeds. She teaches the art of skimming to block in the dog, and gives tips on achieving precision, balance, and angulation, as well as corrective grooming tricks using nothing but clippers. She also demos how to create an intricate spiral design with the clippers, refining them with shears for a crisp finish.

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Helen Khom is an award-winning groomer based in Deltona, Florida. She runs a home-based grooming business under the name GroomLand and is also an ambassador for Groomer Supply House through Sharpies Sharpening. With over five years of dedicated experience in the industry, Helen’s journey began with a profound adoration for animals, which blossomed into a rewarding career as a certified pet groomer.

Since her debut as a competitive groomer in 2019, Helen has consistently impressed judges and peers alike, earning multiple awards and accolades. Her passion for delivering nothing short of excellence in grooming remains unwavering, setting her apart as a true leader in the industry. Notably, she secured a remarkable 6th place victory at the esteemed SuperZoo competition in 2021, proudly representing GroomLand as well as being honored with the Barkleigh Honors Up and Coming Groomer of the Year award that same year, a testament to her dedication and skill. Her triumph continued with a prestigious 1st placement in the Clipper Classic competition of 2023, further solidifying her reputation as a top-tier groomer.

6 reviews for Skimming Me Softly Dog Grooming Course

  1. LaRon Cruz avatar


    New groomer and I must say, I though a clipper-only cut wasn’t a thing, but I’m more encouraged. Will be practicing on my toy poddle, Lollipop! 💪🏽

  2. Karolina Grembecka

    What a beautiful groom 😍 I wish my own dog and my clients would stand as still as Dancer did during this webinar 🥰 even though it would be difficult for me to do a full groom with just the clippers on the dogs I groom (as they move way too much on the table) I’m sure I can still use many of the tips and tricks I learned in this class. I especially enjoyed the spirals 😍

  3. Ashley Steele

    What a great groom. Loved watching how easy she made it look.

  4. Alison Kim

    It was amazing to see what clipper can do. I didn’t know we could use clipper this was . Thanks again for sharing this seminar.

  5. Jayne Gallagher

    Helen was in my freestyle class in Maryland. Her finish was so beautiful! I said I didn’t even want to comb it it was breathtaking! Now I understand!!!!! So great

  6. Clarissa Duran

    Amazing to watch! The groom finish is beautiful. I had no idea you could do all that with only clippers! I learned so much. Thank You! Groom Haus is the BEST and all the guest!!!

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