Irish Water Spaniel Dog Grooming Course

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Using her Grooming Tutor 12 Step Method, Michell Evans demos how to achieve a proper breed standard trim on an Irish Water Spaniel. She goes over patterning variations in the breed, how to easily emphasize certain parts of the body with different clipper comb lengths, the best tools and techniques to use for this coat type and trim, and tons of tips and tricks applicable to many breeds and styles. Michell breaks the groom down into simplified sections that make it easy to learn this fairly complex trim.






Michell Evans – The Grooming Tutor has been educating groomers since 2000. She has won Best in Show and Best All Around Stylist multiple times and is a respected grooming competition judge and demonstrator at trade shows all over the world. She has also graced the cover of Groomer to Groomer Magazine four times.

Michell is a Certified Master Dog & Cat Groomer and has professionally groomed and handled many different breeds of dogs for American, Australia, and Canadian Kennel Club dog shows. She is the proud recipient of the Barkleigh Honors Competitive Groomer of the Year, the Up & Coming Judge of the Year, the Contribution to the Industry award, and has been the winner of the Barkleigh Honors award for Journalist of the Year multiple times for her “Ask The Grooming Tutor” column. Michell also hosts a podcast, The Grooming Tutor, which has listeners from all over the world!

As a GroomTeam USA member from 2009-2013, she was the hand stripping member of the 2011 Silver Medal winning team as well as the 2013 Gold Medal winning team. Michell officially retired from grooming competitions after the gold medal win. You can find her educational videos, content, links to the podcast, and information about business consultations on her website

2 reviews for Irish Water Spaniel Dog Grooming Course

  1. Marci Montgomery avatar

    Marci Montgomery

    Loved this! Just listening to Michell makes me feel more confident.

  2.  avatar

    Clarissa Duran

    By far the best course on here, would love to see Michell groom more breeds, she has such great vocabulary when she is explaining things.

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