Pricing Dog Grooming Services: All-Inclusive vs. Add-ons

When it comes to pricing their services, dog grooming business owners have two main options: all-inclusive pricing and base pricing with add-ons. Both models have their pros and cons, and it’s important to understand the differences between them so you can choose the one that’s right for your business.


Under this model, a single price is charged for the entire grooming service, which includes all of the standard services and any additional services or special products needed. For example, a dog that comes in needing a special conditioning treatment or sensitive skin products will be charged the same as a dog that does not. 


  • Simplicity: All-inclusive pricing is straightforward and easy for clients to understand. 
  • No surprises: With all-inclusive pricing, clients don’t have to worry about unexpected charges or add-ons, which can be a turn-off for some clients. They know exactly what they’re paying for and can budget accordingly.
  • Increased customer loyalty: Clients appreciate the transparency and simplicity of all-inclusive pricing as well as the idea that they “get it all” no matter what, which can lead to increased loyalty.
  • Higher profit margins: If priced properly, the “extra” time and products used on certain dogs will lead to higher profit margins.


  • Lower profit margins: If not priced properly, the “extra time and products used on certain dogs can lead to lower profit margins on those particular grooms. 
  • Price hagglers: You may have to deal with clients who will try to haggle down your pricing because “they don’t need” any extra services.
All-inclusive dog grooming pricing is a great way to make sure that every dog that comes to you is getting exactly what they need on that day and is a great “luxury” service structure for pricing. This method of pricing can still be variable based on their breed, size, and coat type/condition, but there are no “add-ons” for special treatments or services. You may still want to implement fees for certain things like extreme matting, special handling for aggressive dogs, and late pick-ups or no-shows. Specialty services like hair dye, creative grooming, and nail polish should always be a separate charge.

Base Price with Add-ons

Under this model, a base price is charged for the standard grooming services (whatever you decide those to be), and clients can then choose to add additional services, such as nail buffing, teeth cleaning, or a flea or deep conditioning treatment, for an additional fee.


  • No surprises: By charging for additional services, you know that any additional time or products used will be accounted for.
  • Customizable services: Clients can choose the services that they want, which can lead to increased client satisfaction.
  • Special offers: With paid add-ons you can advertise specials on particular days or times of the year where you offer the add-on for free to push for more client appointments. This is also a great way to advertise the service as once they see the difference in the add-on you are giving them, they will be more inclined to ask for it on the next visit. 


  • Confusing for clients: Clients may find it confusing to understand which services are included in the base price and which are additional services that they need to pay for. Be as clear as possible when displaying pricing and services and explain to them exactly what they can expect and what you recommend to add-on as needed.
  • Unpredictable revenue: With base pricing, it can be difficult to predict how much revenue you will generate, as clients may choose to opt for different services each time they visit.
Base prices with add-ons for dog grooming services can be more straightforward when it comes to calculating your profit margins, but also less predictable. If you decide on offering add-ons, it is best to highlight them as much as possible, and “upsell” your clients when they come in every time based on what you recommend for their dog. If you are not selling the add-ons, you clients may not be aware of them or think to ask. 



Ultimately, the choice between all-inclusive pricing and base pricing with add-ons for your dog grooming business comes down to what works best for you and your customers. If you want to offer a simple, straightforward pricing model that allows your more flexibility and freedom in what you can do for the dogs, all-inclusive pricing may be the way to go. On the other hand, if you want more control over your pricing and profit margin and the ability to offer special deals, base pricing with add-ons may be the better choice.

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