New Dog Grooming Education Membership Just Launched by Groom Haüs

Groom Haüs, a leading production company in the dog grooming industry, is celebrating their 3-year anniversary by relaunching as a membership-based platform. Groom Haüs is known for its high-quality production and content, awesome close-ups, and top-tier instructors..

Groom Haüs is now offering a single all-access membership for $35/month, giving members complete access to their full course library, live webinars, bonus content, business tools, affiliate discounts, and other awesome member perks. The membership is month-to-month and can be canceled at any time. Access to the Club Haüs social community on the Groom Haüs website is always free and serves as a safe space for all groomers and pet care professionals to network, share ideas, and connect without algorithms.

Members of Groom Haüs can enjoy complete access to their Course Library, which offers high-quality educational dog grooming courses available from beginner to advanced continued education taught by top instructors in the industry. The Course Library is ever-growing with multiple new courses and tutorials being added monthly, as well as live webinar events to give members the opportunity to join in, ask questions, win giveaways, and interact with other members in the live chat.

“We are so excited to relaunch Groom Haüs as a Membership platform and provide groomers of all levels with an affordable all-in-one resource for their professional development,” said Nina, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Groom Haüs. “This is more than just a dog grooming educational library – it is a community and platform for groomers to network, connect, and learn!”

The launch of the Groom Haüs membership program marks a significant milestone in the company’s goal to make high-quality dog grooming education more accessible to groomers worldwide. The membership program provides dog groomers with tools to help them learn and grow in the industry. With their growing library of educational resources, exclusive content, and member perks, Groom Haüs is hyper-focused on their vision to revolutionize the dog grooming industry and inspire the next generation of groomers.

6 thoughts on “New Dog Grooming Education Membership Just Launched by Groom Haüs”

  1. Bec Wallace avatar Bec Wallace says:

    Do you have grooming courses for beginners. I just want to learn cute teddy bear grooms for my Cavoodle and Bichoodle. Thanks 🙏

    1. Groom Haüs says:

      Yes many of our courses are beginner friendly. In the filtering you can choose “Newbie Friendly” and/or “Pet Trims” for courses like that.

  2. Monica Peters says:

    I’m so glad I haven’t missed groom haus for long!! Groom Haus has helped spark my passion for quality grooming yet again after 44 years of grooming. I am so loving the grooming I am putting out. Having a small boarding kennel has made traveling to seminars hard, with what little time off I have. Thank you for making what I was starving for available!

    1. Groom Haüs says:

      We love to hear it! Thanks so much for the kind words 🫶

  3. Christina Swanson says:

    Can we still buy webinars individually? I don’t need all the others just one or two I’m after.

    1. Groom Haüs says:

      Hi Christina – Courses are no longer available to purchase individually, but our memberships are currently only $35/month and can be cancelled anytime. This means for just $35 you can watch the one or two you would like to watch and learn from.


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